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Organic Superfood Energy Bars! All LivBars are USDA Organic superfood energy bars, therefore, always Non-GMO. Naturally, LivBars are also gluten, dairy, soy, corn and nut-free. Our crunchy, naturally, delicious fruit bars are all flavor filled, all vegetarian, and include two vegan options. You can buy these organic nut-free superfood protein bars right here!

LivBars Are A Nut Free Zone. One of our founders, Gabe Johansen, suffers from multiple food allergens and Jan, his wife, knew that if she could make a bar that her husband could eat, likewise other people with food allergies could safely enjoy LivBars. LivBar is nut, gluten, dairy, soy and corn free; naturally eliminating all of the major allergens and inflammatory conditions*.

Nutrition bars are a part of a busy, active lifestyle. Many of these bars use isolates, sugars, additives and preservatives, resulting in an unhealthy choice. LivBars, however, are filled with organic whole superfoods including seeds, coconut, fruit, whole grains and spices. Nutritionist Jan Johansen designed them that way.

Being gluten-free was just the first step, we removed all the major allergens. Not only are we concerned with what is in the bar, equally important, is the compostable packaging we wrap it in. Feel confident that you are doing everything you can for yourself, but also the environment with each and every LivBar.

First is your stand for better health. Second is eliminating all that doesn’t benefit you. Third is getting out there and living the life you deserve.

Furthermore, you are supporting the organic industry. Saying yes to LivBar is saying no to GMO. “Your health is your wealth.”, together with an active lifestyle we can turn back the clock and live you desire. Order here to have your Organic protein bars delivered to your door in 2 days. *100% satisfaction guaranteed (see guarantee conditions here).

*LivBars use a few forms of coconut, a one-seeded drupe, which places it in the fruit classification. However, the FDA recognizes the coconut as a tree nut. Most people with a tree nut allergy can safely eat coconut.

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