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Divvies Bakery is the magical land of “YES!” for many with dietary restrictions to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.

It started as a labor of love. Mark and Lori Sandler’s youngest son, Benjamin, was born with severe food allergies to just about every food. His first birthday ‘cake’ was Lori’s stroke of sheer genius: a candle on top of a glistening tower of shaved ice. Benjamin was so enthralled with this frozen ‘treat’ that he didn’t even give the decadent chocolate cake that everyone else was eating a passing glance. But Lori knew that the appeal of her shaved ice cake would meet the same fate as Frosty and melt away as Benjamin got older.

By the time Benjamin was in school and his friends started to notice that he wasn’t eating what everyone else was, Lori became a mom on a mission to turn the (designated lunch) tables on food allergies. At the time, the allergen-free ‘treats’ on the market were less than tasty with unappetizing packaging. This prompted Lori to start thinking outside the bakery box to create recipes for the most scrumptious sweets that Benjamin and his friends had ever tasted. And she did it all without nuts, eggs or milk.

With Lori’s cookies in hand, Benjamin quickly became the go-to guy to bring desserts for class parties, supply the best after school snacks in the neighborhood, and stock the dugout at his team’s baseball games. He was the kid with the goods, and he happily divvied up his treats to his friends. Lori made plenty--that was the whole point; these sweet treats were made to share. Lori’s mouth-watering, highly-coveted snacks accomplished the Sandler Family’s mission to create sweet, delicious snacks packed with flavor from high-quality vegan and nut-free ingredients that Benjamin could share with his family and friends.

But Mark and Lori didn’t stop there. They wanted to make sure that EVERY child with food allergies to nuts, eggs and milk could walk into their classroom with delicious treats to share. That vision is what led them to start a sweet-treat company with a dedicated peanut-, tree nut-, egg-, and milk-free bakery, and call it Divvies.

For anyone who must, or who chooses to avoid peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy, Divvies safely opens up a whole new world of flavor, fun and freedom to enjoy and share the sweetest things in life. Anytime Divvies is the star attraction on the menu, everyone relaxes and enjoys the celebration worry-free. Parents of kids without allergies make Divvies a staple item in their pantries so snack time is safe for all who stops by. Fans living a vegan lifestyle love Divvies too, calling it a sweet and satisfying solution when snack attacks strike.

Divvies – it’s a one-for-me-and one-for-you equation with sweet treats that let EVERYONE share in the magic, and say YES to scrumptious vegan and nut-free snacks.

Thanks to Benjamin’s inspiration and Mark and Lori’s vision, people with and without food allergies can take a big bite out of life and savor the sweet little pleasures Divvies has made to share.

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