Signs & Symptoms

Allergies can cause a wide range of symptoms. While they're most often associated with symptoms

Milk allergies are becoming more common, especially in babies and small children. There is some

Skin rashes and itching are common allergic reactions to peanut butter. According to the Mayo

Tingling or itching of the mouth may point to oral allergy syndrome. Most people realize that it

At some point in time, most people will suffer from food intolerance or a food allergy. Having

One of the most difficult things for a parent to do is determine whether his or her toddler has

Tomato allergies are very rare. They are a "type 1 allergy," which means a contact allergy. When

Recognizing food allergy in babies or toddlers is not always easy, but there are specific risk

Out of the many tropical oils, one popular variety is hydrogenated palm kernel oil. Once limited

Tyramines can be found in many different foods. They can cause reactions that are much like

Do you think you may have a food intolerance? Many people make it to adulthood without realizing

Are the signs of nut allergies different than those of peanut allergies? Many people who have an

If a parent is alert and observing their toddler when peanuts are first introduced, the chance

Families who have food allergies are familiar with reading food labels and of being aware of