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Ah, so it is another day in my 10th grade Honors Chemistry class. I’m just sitting there,

Research shows that in the last thirteen years peanut allergies in the U.S. have quadrupled. And

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires food manufacturers to list

A healthy person's immune system protects against threats that enter the body, either through

Flourishing with Food Allergies, by A. Anderson, won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for

In 1963 the American Medical Association designed a special symbol that would alert emergency

The senate passed the Food Safety Act back in 2010.

It was the most sweeping legislation

Epinephrine is a hormone secreted

Technology can be used for all kinds of fun stuff, why not for really important stuff

Children with food allergies suffer depression in greater numbers than other children. One in

Do you experience a reaction every time you eat a certain food? If so, then you may be suffering

Does sun exposure affect whether a child will develop food allergies? Researchers seem to think

An article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Is Your Kid Truly Allergic? Tests Add to Confusion

A British study looked at the safety and nutrition of Chinese and Indian takeout food across the