Peanut Allergy News

A new study shows that there may be a link to peanut ingestion in pregnant mothers and peanut

Do you know what's in the face paint often used for Halloween costumes, school carnivals, and

Exposure to second-hand smoke in the first few weeks of an infant's life can increase food

Many kids live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The mom of third-trader Jared Michaud says

Imagine sitting on a multi-hour flight thousands of feet in the air when the person next to you

A Duke University study recently tested the effectiveness of an allergy treatment used at a

In California, a federal judge recently ruled that serving a peanut butter cookie to a child was

A Florida elementary school has decided to continue with its tough regulations aimed at making recently reported that the future may hold a new more reliable test for peanut

University of Cambridge researchers recently announced that they have convincing evidence that a

There are currently 2 ways to test for peanut or other food allergies. Skin prick testing and

In Chicago, the parents of a seventh-grade student whose death was caused by an allergic

BlueClaws, a minor league baseball team in Lakewood, New Jersey, is hosting a peanut and tree

A Florida elementary school recently caused parent protests after it enforced strict rules in

Lots of kids are allergic to peanuts. Yet not all of them adjust well to the attention such an