Peanut Allergy

Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)

An important part of peanut

Burlap bags are often used to store and ship coffee beans, potatoes, rice, seeds, nuts, and

Of course, everyone knows that if you have a peanut allergy that you should avoid peanuts,

Eating at a nut-free lunch table in school is a safety precaution that causes some students to

While every school will have its own policies, generally, a nut-free classroom is exactly what

Scientists have wondered why Westerners are twice as likely to be allergic to peanuts as people

Children with a peanut allergy may be most at risk for peanut exposure in their own home,

After a young boy in Spokane experienced anaphylaxis, a

There is no definitive treatment for a peanut allergy

If you or your child has a peanut allergy, that

Since the word "nut" is at the end of "peanut," many people think that it is a nut. No, it's

George Washington Carver found more than 300 uses for peanuts and peanut oil. That’s more than

Peanuts can cause one of the most serious allergic reactions