Peanut Allergy

As a person living with an allergy to peanuts or tree nuts, it is very important to examine

The Smallest Particle of Peanuts Could Cause An Allergic Reaction

Peanut allergy is one

Peanuts and peanut oil are cheap and easy additives to food and other commercial goods. It is

The most frightening thing about a severe allergic reaction to a new food is that it can happen

Parents of peanut allergic children may worry about how much exposure to peanut protein can

If you avoid peanuts, it’s likely you know the joy of cashews. Slightly sweet and smooth in

After a young boy in Spokane experienced anaphylaxis, a

Peanuts are loaded with protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals, and most dogs love the

Those affected by peanut allergy might have heard about basophil activation tests (BATs), a

Since the word "nut" is at the end of "peanut," many people think that it is a nut. No, it's

Peanut oil and vegetable oil are often used interchangeably for cooking. The only notable

Salmonella Is One of the Most Common Types of Food Poisoning

According to the U.S.

Peanuts cause more severe food allergic reactions than other foods, followed by shellfish, fish

You may be surprised to find that peanut butter is used to make many products. Someone who has a

So many wonderful recipes call for peanut butter. These recipes can still be enjoyed by