If children begin to eat many different foods at a young age, there is much more of a chance

Do you have a child with life threatening food allergies? If you're beginning to navigate the

Nearly all infants are fussy at times. But how do you know when your baby's crying means

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, one out of five people in the

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Eliminating peanut butter is the best way to handle a rash caused by this food

If your

Rarely does a parent anticipate having a baby with allergies. Having initial suspicions or

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A young food allergic child is unlikely to say, “My throat is swelling and I’m having difficulty

While school violence is down, bullying is on the rise as are food allergies. The two

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Anxious food allergic kids, understandably concerned about avoiding allergens, can become so

Peanuts are classified as legumes, as are chickpeas. Does this mean a child with a peanut

Childhood allergies can affect sleep, eating habits, concentration level, and mood. Children

All parents must find a balance between keeping children safe and supporting their increasing