Ohio Passes Epinephrine Auto-injector Law


A new law in Ohio will take effect in September, allowing public establishments in the state to get an open prescription for an epinephrine auto-injector like the Epi-Pen for use in emergencies.

The bill, introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives by Representative Christina Hagan, was passed and takes effect on September 8. Hagan says that her long career in the restaurant business introduced her to the needs of allergy sufferers.

The law allows an entity to have a prescription for epinephrine.

The way the law works is to basically change the pharmaceutical controls in Ohio to allow a non-person entity, such as a school or swimming pool, to get a prescription for epinephrine to stock in a first aid kit. The prescription requires some training for staff members, but also gives "good samaritan" protections to those who follow through.

The law had the support of many of the schools, camps, and other groups that work with children. Restaurants and others also showed interest.

Source: indieonline.com