New Food Allergy Restaurant Review Site


A new website launched recently to help the food allergy community make better choices when dining out., founded by a former Fidelity employee, is a peer reviewed website that lets readers review restaurants they've been to from a food allergy friendly perspective.

While there are few restaurants that cater completely to the food allergy community, AllergyEats is a site where you can check out how particular restaurants handled allergy concerns in the past.

The website should not replace common sense dining practices like letting the waiter know about your allergies and explaining cross contamination. However, it is an interesting website idea that should prove helpful when traveling to other parts of the United States.

Paul Antico is the father of 2 food allergic boys and thought of the website idea while looking for a place to take his kids out to dinner—without his wife. He was not familiar with the restaurants in the area he was in and was nervous about making the right choice. He sees AllergyEats as a tool to help others feel more comfortable with choosing a restaurant.

The site is in it's early stages and is still dependent upon initial reader reviews. As time goes on, I expect AllergyEats will be another fine website addition for the food allergy community.

____________________________________________________________ Ruth LovettSmith is the mother of a child with multiple life threatening food allergies and founder of Best Allergy Sites: an online food allergy directory and resource guide.