WAO Symposium To Address Food Allergy

The World Allergy Organization will hold its annual symposium in Miami, Florida on December 5-6, 2015. The program will involve about 350 scientists and physicians from around the world, most of whom specialize in allergy and clinical immunology. The symposium will focus on current understanding of food allergy as well as the human microbiome in relation to health and disease.

"This Symposium will highlight recent advances including sublingual immunotherapy, pre- and probiotics, nutrition in early life, and other forms of allergic disease prevention that will have an impact on the current and future management of allergies,” according to Dr. Lanny Rosenwasser, President of the World Allergy Organization and Symposium Chair. “The program, with its food allergy track and microbiome track, will also encourage the exchange of new insights that will identify research priorities in these areas.”

Presentations by 26 international experts will include diverse discussions.

Newly-published and currently ongoing research will be highlighted and discussed to focus in improving treatment and the prevention strategies that may be forthcoming. With food allergy growing quickly as a focus of interest for clinical research and development, the WAO symposium is expected to be very active this year.

New for this year's discussion will be the microbiome approach to the environment around the body as well as things within it in a more holistic look at food allergy's potential causes, prevention, and treatment.

A complete list of topics and sessions can be found at the WAO Symposium's Scientific Program page.

Source: PRWeb

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