Tennessee Introduces Food Allergy Bill

A bill to keep kids with food allergies safe at school is now being debated in Tennessee.

The new law would allow schools to have epinephrine auto-injectors on hand to treat students who experience severe allergic reactions while at school.

School personnel could administer epinephrine

Under the new law, personnel working at public or private schools within the state would be allowed to administer a shot of epinephrine to any student suffering from anaphylaxis, regardless of whether that student has a known allergy or a prescription for epinephrine.

Jill Connell, one of the Memphis-area mothers championing the bill, has two young children with food allergies. She says that the bill serves several important purposes:

It’s very important even for our kids that have food allergies because what if the EpiPen didn’t work or what if it was jammed or they forgot it. It’s also important for other kids because a child can develop a food allergy at any time.

Kids can experience first reaction at school

An estimated 25 percent of allergic reactions at school happen to children who have never had a reaction before and have no diagnosed allergies. The new law would allow school personnel to treat these students with epinephrine.

Source: WREG Memphis

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