Announcing Launch of Online Therapy at announces the launch of online therapy, an innovation in the delivery of private professional mental health care. offers a wide variety of therapy options tailored to your needs. Whether you find it difficult to travel to office visits, or you simply prefer to receive therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home, is an affordable, convenient, and confidential solution that can be accessed from anywhere. private therapy in HD

Visit for live, high definition video sessions with a professional, licensed therapist. You can also chat with the therapist if you don't have a webcam. Online counseling is an effective, convenient option for many people. If your work keeps you on the road, if you have young children and precious little time, or if you live in an area with few services, enable you to get the help that you need, when you need it.

Schedule online therapy appointments when it's convenient for you

At, you can schedule an appointment with your preferred therapist and develop a relationship or, if you have an immediate need, you can start a session on demand with an available licensed therapist.

Ask a therapist and online directory features

Do you have a question for a therapist? Submit a question for free to a licensed therapist through the Ask the Therapist section.

If you would prefer to communicate with a therapist in your local area, offers a Therapist Directory with over 30,000 listings of therapists in the United States and Canada. Submit a review of your therapist or read reviews submitted by other site users to find the right therapist for you.

For a personal, private, and professional online therapy session, visit A therapist is standing by to help you now.

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