Food Allergies On the Rise Among Children in UAE


Food allergy diagnosis are on the rise in the United Arab Emerites, says a prominent doctor. She says the national pattern in the UAE is on par with the global rise of food allergies in developed countries.

Dr. Hanan Al Sharif, a pediatrician, spoke at a food Allergy Awareness Week conference at the University Hospital Sharjah. he said that about six percent of children in the UAE suffer from a food allergy and that the trend is rising.

Sharif called for more measures to safeguard children with allergies in schools and other public places.

There are few regulations in the UAE.

Many children, even with a diagnosis, may not have access to an epinephrine injector. Most restaurants and eateries do not label food ingredients or for allergens either.

The speach came during the conference, which included activities and workshops to help those with a food allergy as well as to raise awareness and understanding among those who do not. skin prick test packs for allergy testing were also given.