FARE publishes food allergy guide, free download

FARE Food Allergy Guide

The Food Allergy Research and Education group, the nation's leading food allergy advocacy group, has produced a new guidebook for food allergy sufferers and those around them.

Your Food Allergy Field Guide is a packet of information that walks patients and families through the things they'll need to know about their food allergy. It includes FARE's Managing Food Allergies: What You Need To Know brochure, a checklist of things to get started along the path of food allergy awareness, an emergency care plan (The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan), information about food labels, tips for avoiding allergens and cross-contact, and more.

Guide convenient and helpful

The frequently-asked-questions section is very helpful and offers fast access to information.

The educational materials in the FARE guide are meant to augment what a physician and allergen tell the patient and his or her family. Hard copies of the guide are available to doctors, clinics, hospitals, or local advocacy groups interested in buying in quantity.

Find out more and download a copy of the guide at foodallergy.org/field-guide.