Dr. Oz Says Food Allergies May Be Harming Your Weight Loss Efforts


Recently, The Doctor Oz Show discussed how food allergies could be sabotaging many people's diets. Have you tried to lose weight, and changing your diet doesn't seem to have any effect? According to Dr. Oz, up to 60 percent of people may have a hidden food allergy to dairy or other foods. According to he claims that such allergies can cause people to have up to 30 pounds of excess weight that is difficult to use.

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First, he advises those who think they may have a food allergy or sensitivity to visit their doctor for confirmation. Then, learn which foods are safe. For example, if you have a dairy allergy, you should be avoiding cheese and milk, along with many cakes, cookies, energy bars, and other processed foods.

Dr. Oz recently offered his viewers a three-step “reset plan” to figure out of dairy products or other foods are sabotaging their diet by causing an allergic reaction. First, he advises viewers to eliminate all allergens (such as dairy products) from their diet for one week, while adding probiotics such as yogurt to add good bacteria to the colon. 2 weeks later, begin adding some dairy back into your diet, watching carefully for changes in your body, such as digestive symptoms or weight fluctuations. He says that this will help you find out if you have a food allergy. What do you think of this strategy?