Allergy-free Restaurant Stays Open Through Crowd Funding


A restaurant in Montreal closed its doors due to high rents in the pricey district in which it operated, but clientele with food allergies and a taste for fine cuisine came together to keep it open. Crowd-funding re-opened the restaurant and has kept it open since 2013.

The Zero8 menu includes high-end cuisine like duck leg confit and maintains it without including any of the eight most common food allergens. Chef Dominique Dion is proud of this enthusiasm from his clientele.

"Nothing in our kitchen or restaurant gets contaminated with gluten, milk products, eggs, fish or shellfish, soy, sesame, nuts or peanuts."

The restaurant is now mustard-free as well. This, plus the help of his clientele in finding a more suitable, sustainable location, means that Zero8 is open and will be for some time.

Now, the chef is starting another crowd-funding project to expand his restaurant to Quebec and other cities.