The Return of the AUVI-Q Auto-Injector

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The AUVI-Q is back. Kaleo (Ka LAY oh) pharmaceutical company earlier announced the epinephrine auto-injector AUVI-Q would again be available by prescription, starting February 14th. Each prescription includes two auto-injectors plus an AUVI-Q trainer.

Distinguishing Features

Like other FDA approved auto-injectors, the AUVI-Q is a device that delivers a dose of the drug epinephrine (adrenaline) to individuals experiencing severe allergic reactions. It was designed with innovative features by two brothers, Eric and Evan Edwards who experienced the anxiety of growing up with life-threatening allergies.

What distinguishes the AUVI-Q from other auto-injectors are:

  • Its close to credit-card dimensions, making it easy to carry in small bags or pockets.
  • A needle that retracts automatically after the epinephrine has been injected.
  • Voice instructions to guide users through the epinephrine injection process.

These innovations make it easier for food allergic individuals to carry auto-injectors everywhere, and to use them safely and correctly during frightening emergency situations.


Consumers may be happy to hear the AUVI-Q’s return is accompanied by a financial innovation as well: Kaleo’s AffordAbility program. It was created to make life-saving auto-injectors accessible to all who need them:

  • Commercially insured patients will pay $0 out of pocket for the AUVI-Q, including people with high deductibles (not including those under Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, or other federal/state care programs).
  • Legal residents without commercial or government prescription coverage, and with household incomes below $100,000 can enroll in Kaleo’s Patient Assistance Program.
  • The AUVI-Q can be shipped directly to a patient’s home typically within 48 hours.

Questions about the AUVI-Q AffordAbility program can be asked at 1-877-30-AUVIQ.

Gone and Back

The original AUVI-Q left the market after a recall was issued by the Sanofi pharmaceutical company in the fall of 2015. The recall was made after the device was “found to potentially give an inaccurate dosage delivery.”

The reissued auto-injector comes from Kaleo, a company whose mission is “providing demonstrably superior medical products that empower patients and caregivers to confidently take control in potentially life-threatening situations.” You can learn more about Kaleo by visiting their website (link below).

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