Apps To Help You Track Your Allergies

Technology can be used for all kinds of fun stuff, why not for really important stuff like managing your allergies? There are many apps on the market which help you track symptoms, decipher menus, and educate the people around you about your allergies, especially the life-threatening variety.

Pepper Stuff Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards from Celiac Travel. This neat little app create allergy cards in many languages to help you tell your restaurant servers all over the world that you have food allergies.

WebArtisan Food Additives. Sometimes you have enough trouble just reading the food ingredients on a label, much less having to remember all the sources. This app gives you information about several hundred food ingredients and their sources.

ICanEatOnTheGo Gluten & Allergen Free ™. Gives you the breakdown on foods at 20 fast-food chains. It will provide a menu that only shows foods you can order.

My Food Facts or Food Tester. At the grocery store, just scan the food item and it will give you alerts for your specific allergies.

MyEpiPenApp. Gives easy instructions for how to use an autoinjector.

Cook it Allergy Free. Helps you modify existing recipes to accommodate your allergies.

findER. This app will locate the closest emergency room.

Food Allergies Guide. Everything you need to know to manage your allergies and protect yourself.

Food Allergy Detective. Helps you track the food you eat and the symptoms you experience in order to narrow down a food allergy.

This is just a small sampling of the various apps you can use. Find them for iPhone, Andriod, and Blackberry. Get technology working for you and protecting your family with these easy to use apps.

Photo: Pexels

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