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Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta President to Appear on Great American Hero

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Karen Harris, president of the Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta, is a hero! She was featured on Great American Hero, a show hosted by Trace Adkins on the Great American Country network, in September, validating years of experience advocating for allergy sufferers.

Show focuses on local heroes

Great American Heroes follows Adkins, an award-winning singer/songwriter, on his nationwide tour when he steps away from the stage to talk to seemingly ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Adkins is the parent of a 10-year-old with severe food allergies. Harris’s daughter has had to learn to live with severe food allergies as well. The experience led Harris to create the Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta.

Harris teaches educators what they need to know about food allergies

Harris travels to schools to educate administrators, teachers and nurses on food allergy awareness and how to handle an allergy attack. She includes the proper use of an EpiPen in the discussion.

For the show, Adkins follows Harris to St. Martin’s Episcopal School (SMES) where she gives a seminar and answers questions. The show also features allergy-friendly products and stores like Natural Foods Warehouse. Adkins shares his own concerns as a parent with similar worries about the effect of food allergies.

Raising awareness, saving lives, and being a hero

Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta is a non-profit organization that supports parents of children with food allergies and serves as an advocate to the community. They raise awareness of the importance of food allergy prevention and the seriousness of an attack and need for proper, sometimes life-saving, response.