Dating Site for Young Adults with Food Allergies


If you are a young adult with a food allergy, is a safe and fun way to meet others who also have a food allergy.

Allergic Attraction is a digital dating network, a website and mobile app, created primarily for college students with food allergies to connect and form relationships within college communities.

The network’s founders are two sisters, Arianne Schreer and Alexis Pizzurro who combined their business experience, social media savvy, and a concern for people living with food allergies to develop Allergic Attraction. The sisters realized the need for their site just over a year ago.

“My son who is 13 has always had a tree nut and seed allergy (he is also asthmatic) that we have always managed,” said Schreer." Two nights before Christmas last year he had an anaphylactic reaction that wound us up in the emergency room. As my sister and I sat there while he was being treated we started to think about what would have happened if I wasn't there when he had this reaction.”

“That lead us to thinking about when he leaves for college and the challenges that he would face. The roommate that loves Nutella, dining out, or even kissing a girl. That is how we came up with the need for this site where kids could safely meet other kids with food allergies that could connect.”

Safety is always a concern with food allergies since most allergic reactions occur after eating foods thought to be safe. Plus, it is not true that all college-age food allergy sufferers have have experience managing an allergy. Over 20 percent of food allergies are first diagnosed when people are in their late teens and early twenties.

Other college related food allergy issues are the lack of private food storage and preparation areas. Although cross-contamination might not have been a worry while living at home, it suddenly becomes one when living away from home. The increased risk of cross-contamination can significantly raise a college student’s stress level and anxiety.

Meeting other individuals with food allergies can help allay some of this anxiety while contributing to the broader college experience of expanding horizons, and enjoying good times with interesting people.

“Allergic Attraction is not just about safety,” says Schreer. “It is a platform that these kids can use to meet and form friendships with other college kids like themselves. It is really meant to be a fun, social and safe way for them to connect.”

Creating an Allergic Attraction account is quick and easy. There are groups established for members with peanut, soy, tree nut, shellfish, fish, wheat, milk, and egg allergies. Forums are set up for topical or general discussion. For support, peace of mind, fun, and social adventure check out

Source: Allergic Attraction; Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Photo credit: Robyn Gallant / flickr creative commons