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According to the results of a new study, children lacking Vitamin D may be more susceptible to

Parents of children with food allergies often share tips about safe foods, allergy-friendly

A few years ago, a 47-year-old Toronto woman received a lifesaving double-lung transplant. After

A survey of parents whose children have food allergies found that they believe there isn't

A new study has found that children who form eczema after ingesting certain foods may be at

Is it possible to eat your way to a

A pub owner went to a soccer game and then ate at an Indian food restaurant near York, England

Scientists have created a new process for "smuggling" things past the immune system using

A 7-year-old girl's death following an allergic reaction that began at school underscores the

Bone marrow transplants certainly save lives for children with acute lymphocytic leukemia, but

Living life with food allergies can be difficult. After all, food is a large part of how we

Allergy Eats is a peer-reviewed website that lets readers review restaurants they've been to

Whole Foods recently announced that they are discontinuing their 365 Everyday brand of gluten-

The news is often peppered with stories regarding severe food allergic reactions and deaths.

The internet was buzzing recently with an article from stating that the Oak Ridge