Positive Experiences!

Posted on: Fri, 08/24/2001 - 2:04pm
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My daughter is a immediate level 5 on her rast test for peanuts. She started pre school in a small town in Florida. She is 4. Emily has had serious reactions three times to peanuts. The preschool took peanuts out of the 4 year old program, trained every teacher with epi-pens, labled classroom, sent notes home to parents and my liitle one sits with a little boy with dairy allergies at their own special table.I also send in all of her snacks and drink. There are no exceptions. She does not eat anything not from home. It is extra work on everyone involved but the teacher is so wonderful. he said to me "If your child was in a wheelchair or needed other accomodations we would do the same thing. The children here are looked upon as individuals." Her teacher made a home visit to go over her emergency plan. What more can I ask for. Also my daughter has a very nice emergency braclet on that is for all to see! Midas special made an adult small to fit her due to the amount of information needed. Peanuts are only one of our issues. I just wanted to share a positive situation. Their are people out there that will work with you. I find being honest and to the point is best. "My child will die in the floor of your classroom if you or anyone else makes a mistake and hesitates to give proper emergency care."This did motivate them. I am so pleased to see my little one enjoy life along with other children in a safe inviroment. By no means do I feel she could never have a reaction at school but I do feel we have made major accomodations and a plan of action that I hope lowers our chance of a reation.

Posted on: Sat, 08/25/2001 - 1:52pm
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That is great! We have been lucky too. It makes life so much easier when you have teachers that "get it" and care to get it every day.
I have 2-3 more years before my son goes to public school. I hope by then the rest of the trail blazers will have paved the way for a positive experience!
I hope her school experience remains positive!


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