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Posted on: Fri, 01/18/2002 - 4:43pm
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Exactly. (re: being a good candidate for the anti-Ige shots)
In truth, though, rice is a major allergen in Asia. (I'm not Asian, though) In North America, peanut seems to be the major offender.
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Posted on: Sat, 01/19/2002 - 4:42am
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daughter-peanut, eggs and very mild eczema. Nothing else so far.
After reading some of the above, I really have to stop and count my blessings!!!

Posted on: Sat, 01/19/2002 - 4:43am
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daughter-peanut, eggs and very mild eczema. Nothing else so far.
After reading some of the above, I really have to stop and count my blessings!!!

Posted on: Sat, 01/19/2002 - 7:39pm
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Hello, Anna,
Just a quick question, can you only eat white rice ? , does brown cause more problems or doesnt it matter. ?
Can you eat lamb as well as beef?
Thank goodness you can eat cooked apples , but they cross react with other fruit ? Are you allergic to fruit pollen? . If you are , are your reactions to fruit worse during the pollen season?
sorry , just being nosey!!
my son has most of the allergies,
peanuts eggs , legummes, (this year can eat frozen peas!hurrah!!!!, ...but doesnt like them....sigh)
yeast extract, mustard (stay away from seeds where poss)
cats, dogs , dustmite, oh, and hamsters (well why not!)
Other family allergies, my side , me ezcema,
williams grandparents, asthma , uncle asthma , ezcema .aunt, asthma. great uncle, severe asthma, shell fish allergy. great grandfather, ezcema .
My husband,
asthma, hay fever,
williams aunt, allergic to bees/ wasps.
On a completly different question, to those with asthma.... so, most of you , when you go grocery shopping does your asthma play up when they are pumping out the fumes of bread cooking? I only ask because a saw a elderly asthmatic man having real trouble he had to sit on the floor for a while to get his breath. I just wondered if there was a concection.I find that the rows of cleaning products do "Burn " my throat sometimes , although i am not asthmatic , its the combination of clothes powders and bleach fumes , yuk. I get the same feeling in the summer when we drive past certain fields in the summer , ( blimey ,i sound like a right wimp!) .
Basically i am asking if these fumes are a health risk , due to peanut and seed traces in the air?
bye sarah

Posted on: Mon, 01/21/2002 - 9:43am
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Hi, Sarah.
Good question. I have some white rice cooking right now, in fact. I'm not sure about the allergy difference between brown and white rice. Theoretically, I'd imagine that the protein content would be the same. Hmm.
I ate lamb last year, and it was fine. Most of the year, however, it's too fatty to eat, I find. I'll stock up this spring. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] I'm allergic to tree pollens, which probably led to the cross-reacting fruit allergy. But again, I'll try the cooked, and see how it turns out.
I've been told that allergies can be worse during pollen/hayfever seasons, and I think I'll begin keeping a journal to see for myself.

Posted on: Mon, 01/21/2002 - 11:03am
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ME- Hayfever
DH- some pollens, pretty mild, allergic to mosquitos, bee, wasp stings, no anaphlactic reaction persay,major swelling at sight of sting
DS #1 - peanuts, hayfever, some grasses, dust mites, dog cat
DD- Pecans, major springtime allergies as well as hayfever, dust mites dog and cat
DS#2- 18 months old am sure he has some but don't know yet

Posted on: Tue, 01/22/2002 - 11:58pm
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Me-seasonal allergies (early spring and about 6 weeks in the fall)-definitely ragweed involved.
Hubby-grasses, molds (had severe asthma as a child but hardly bothered by them now...which is just as well since he suffers from other health problems/chronic pain) He did have allergy shots as a child.
Isaac(6 1/2)-no known allergies (although he is currently suffering from a rare skin condition called Mucha-Haberman disease in which doctors do not know what causes it but think it has some sort of immune system connection-his case is one of the worst seen by ped. derm.)
Alyssa(5 yrs.)-peanut, tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews for sure), cats,dustmites, molds and recently added egg- she is allowed to have them cooked in cakes and things but not directly, although we are currently trying to find out why she is constantly complaining of a mild stomachache.
Micah(almost 3)- wheat (I list this first because this is the one that originally caused an anaphylactic reaction), peanut, tree nuts, egg, dairy, dustmites, molds, cats.
Although Micah has not had peanuts/tree nuts/eggs ever (unless unknown exposure or through breastmilk) he has been tested regularly and the exact same allergens show up!
Micah has moderate asthma and Alyssa has mild asthma.

Posted on: Wed, 01/23/2002 - 9:05am
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Tucker has peanuts, egg yolks, egg whites, watermelon, canteloupe, kiwi, onions.
We only worry about peanuts because it is the only one that could kill him. The rest we just casually avoid.
He has also tested positive to other things like beef, pork, and grapes but he shows absolutely no reaction and eats these things all the time. False positives on the test? Who knows...

Posted on: Wed, 01/23/2002 - 9:28am
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me - none
DH - hayfever as a child but still allergic to pollen from olive trees (he is half Spanish and this bothers him if we go to Spain on hols in the spring)
FIL - cats
MIL - skin on hazlenuts
SIL - asthma
husband's grandmother - milk
Four year old son had severe eczema now gone but allergic to:
kiwi fruit
raw/lightly cooked egg
fish (developed this allergy within the last few months)
baked beans (ditto)
CAP Rast 2 for milk (but has never reacted - unlike all the above)
house dustmite
timothy grass
My 18 month old daughter is allergic to:
fish (fifth exposure to cod - has not been given any other fish)
baked beans
(has never been exposed to nuts or eggs)
garlic - just become allergic to this after having it for months
unknown environmental reaction
She has skin prick tested postive for cod but CAP RAST was negative and her total Ige was normal but she is definitely an allergic child

Posted on: Thu, 02/07/2002 - 8:39am
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Me- moderate eczema, moderate nickle allergy,
contact allergy to something in certain antibacterial soaps, hayfever (never have been tested.
DH- allergic to amoxicillian, seasonal allergies, childhood milk and soy allergies, thankfully outgrew those.
Jason- severe eczema, allergic to shellfish, peanuts, treenuts, sesame, coconut, eggs, oats, wheat, soy, fresh peaches/apricots/nectarines, horse dander, cat dander, cedar, juniper, dust mites, grass.
Joey- no known allergies, outgrew mild eczema
Cheryl, mom to Jason (4) and Joey (2)


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