Posted on: Sun, 03/07/1999 - 4:54am
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Has anyone contacted Campbell's about the safety of their products? I was going to serve my son Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup today until I noticed the modified food starch in the ingredients. I would hope they would not have peanuts in their products, as many of their campaigns are launched towards children.

Posted on: Tue, 03/16/1999 - 1:08am
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You can contact Campbell's at 1-800-410-7687 they will be happy to help you with any concerns or questions. I find in our area many people with peanut allergy steer clear of hydrolyzed plant protein.(According to the pediatric immunologist that we see there is very little known about this ingredient...further an employee of an ingredient company,which makes the hpp, says that at her level of production contamination with peanut is very possible.) Others don't worry about this. Some people will not use a companies products if the company has peanut on the premises...others will as long as the equipment is thoroughly cleaned in between uses...others will only use products that have separately ventilated areas with no peanut...or some people are comfortable with a nut free line next to a nut containing line in a plant. It is a good idea to contact the company yourself.

Posted on: Thu, 07/22/1999 - 1:51pm
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While shopping for soup yesterday, I was reading labels, as always, and trying to find low cholesterol soups for my husband who has high cholestrol. Campbell's low fat soups contain peanut oil! Imagine that in low cholesterol soup. The regular Campbell's soups did not have it listed. I have always been taught that peanuts were high in cholesterol. Why put this in soup? This concerned me because of cross contamination and possible accidental ingestion.
Tammy Lynn

Posted on: Wed, 07/19/2000 - 4:44pm
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Tammy Lynn, regarding your question about peanut oil in low cholesterol soup. Peanuts and peanut oil are high in fat, but it is unsaturated fat, and it actually LOWERS blood cholesterol levels. The best oil to use to lower cholesterol is Canola oil; second best is Olive oil. Peanut oil is third after these oils, and it is probably cheaper for Campbells to use it than Canola or Olive, while still delivering their low cholesterol promise. Hopefully, the more peanuts and related products are touted as allergens, the less we'll see of it as an unneccesary food addition.


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