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Posted on: Mon, 07/12/1999 - 6:02am
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I have a five year old son diagnosed with severe peanut allergies.Always in the past allergic episodes consist of itchy eyes then the swelling eyes. Over this weekend I am convinced he had another incident. Saturday morning, my son had no color in his face, his lips were pale, he was mentally confused and he was complaining that his stomach hurt. I rushed him to urgent care,the doctor checked him to find he had no temperature, he was breathing fine and his heart rate was fine. I told her that he had severe allergies and carries around his Epipen.He had a blood test which found an infection. I took him into urgent care at 8:00am, by 5:00pm he was back to his old self, smiling and running about. If it was an infection would it not had lasted longer (stomach flu)or was it a new reaction/or anaphylactic shock he has developed?

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Posted on: Thu, 07/15/1999 - 8:19am
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pHi Cyd,/p
pMy son who is 8 also has had the "identical" reaction as your son! Your son may have had an infection at the time, but I am sure that his reaction was due to ingesting peanut product of some sort, not the infection. My son can not even smell peanuts. His eyes swell, he goes pale white, and has a stomach ache, and is lathargic like he is going to pass out also!! When I get him into fresh air within 2 hours he feels fine. (So far!)br /
I suggest to keep your son away from the "smell" of peanuts as well as ingesting them./p
pKeep Safebr /


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