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Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 2:58am
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pVitamin C is also required to sustain life. Remember how sailors in days gone by used to develop scurvy and die before they brought supplies of fresh friut (a good source of vitamin c) with them. Again I would say if you are allergic to vitamin C you're dead. Now as to collegen (I assume that was what you meant), your body is composed of collagen! There are at least 12 specific types of collagen, without it you would have no skin, connective tissue or body structure!br /
I am bevoming more skeptical about this treatmnet with every posting. Why haven't we heard about this miracle cure on the TV. Wha do Dr. Hugh Sampson and the other experts in the field have to say on the subject? The old travelling medicine men used to sell liquids containing mercury as miracle cures...this method sounds equally crazy./p

Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 9:26am
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pI don't know how this exactly works, all I know is that 2 months ago my child was only eating turkey, lamb, rice cereal, rice milk, broccoli, and some fruits and now he is eating just about everything. I know this all sounds cooky but all I know is my son is eating more and not getting hives. When he had a reaction he would break out with rashes and hives, He does not have any more hives I'll repeat that, He has no more reactions to things that he has been treated for. When he was a baby he would break out so bad he would scratch himself non-stop, he still has scars to show for it.br /
This thread was started by someone that wanted to share information with other people that are interested in learning things that may help you lead a normal life. You can take this information and use it, or continue to live in your own little world and as your real doctors say stay away from food that you are allergic to because there is nothing that the real doctors can do. I'll repeat that, are you ready there is nothing that they can do for you.br /
So now I'm tired of trying to help people that don't really want to be helped.br /
Its so nice to give him a kiss on his check and not have him break out with hives because of something I ate./p

Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 9:53am
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pI am not against this procedure. I just want some more information about it. Could you explain exactly what happens when you go in to have a session? Did your son just have acupressure, or what else did he have done to him? I want to know in detail, step-by-step, what happens when you actually go to a NAET doctor. /p
pThanks,br /

Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 10:22am
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pYes. It sounds very 'kooky' indeed./p
pThe trite bromide "Oh, we don't know *how* it works...we just know that our child is better" is not sufficient. This unscientific line can *potentially* lead to the illness or deaths of anaphylactic individuals who develop a sense of false security. Bottom line. /p
pWomen used to soften their dainty hands with arsenic cream many decades ago. They swore by it -- their testimonials were quite convincing. But what else was it doing to their bodies? Later studies led to the removal of this deadly cream from drugstore shelves./p
pMost of the so-called "cures" out there on the market serve only to "alleviate" people from the burden of their hard-earned cash. If this is one of the legitimate remedies, let the studies be conducted, and I'm sure we'll all become NAET devotees./p
pUntil then, I'll join Louise in picking up my hat./p
pMy two cents./p

Posted on: Wed, 11/10/1999 - 10:47am
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pKatie,br /
My son is 8yrs. old. We are using accupressure for him. In Jan's case because her son is so much younger, they probably use the surrogate method for testing and treating. My son is old enough for acupuncture, but he doesn't like to lay still for 20 min. and accupressure is equally effective.br /
When we go for a treatment she begins by muscle testing, using his right arm. She first checks his strength. Then places a vial of the suspected allergen in his left hand. Again she now checks the strength of his right arm. If the response is strong, there is no allergy. If the response is weak the allergy is positive. She is also very capable of telling if you are faking. Many have tried to fool her. At this point she has you lay on your stomach and she uses a tool to manipulate up and down your spine about 4-5 times, top to bottom. Then you roll to your back and she again rechecks your strength, which should now be strong. This is done by you pushing against her arm while yours is raised in the air. Next she applies accupressure to the eight gate points. Now you lie quietly for 20 min.(or sit). Finally she takes the vial from you, instructs you to wash your hands, and explains what to avoid for the next 25 hr. period. On your next visit she will have you take that vial in hand, muscle test you, and if the response is strong the allergen is no longer a threat. The most important thing about this is not to come in contact with the allergen for the 25 hr. avoidance period. The message must travel through each of the 12 meridians to the brain and register that it is no longer a threat. It takes approx. 2 hrs. to travel through each meridian. The vials are not a threat at any time . They are glass and sealed./p

Posted on: Fri, 12/03/1999 - 8:38am
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pHello,br /
I have been reading these boards for about 3-4 months now. While I have found a lot of helpful information, and informative websites, the best thing I found was the posting by T.J. and P.J.. At first like all of you, I was very skeptical of this treatment. I have a 6 yr. old daughter and didn't want to worry constantly for the rest of her life! I decided to give naet a try, and the results have been wonderful. Her father was amazed to come home and find her eating a bowl of strawberries! In the past this would have sent her to the hospital. We haven't cleared for peanuts yet, but I'm hopeful we will have the same good fortune as others.br /
I hestitated even placing a post here. As I feel bad for the ridicule that has been placed toward the author of this post. I felt, like Jan, I should offer another example of how naet can benefit those who choose to try an alternative to western medicine.br /
I feel confident this will be the answer to all of our allergy issues. I want to thank the author of this post for continuing to offer information and explanations, even when you have been put down by so many. You have my extended gratitude!/p

Posted on: Wed, 12/08/1999 - 2:34pm
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pI just went to the NAET site bulletin board and there is a NAET practioner claiming that she can clear obsessive complulsive disorder, panic attacks, and even suicidal cases through NAET. /p
pAnother poster has had their son go through 50 treatments for OCD./p
pThese claims are vey bothersome to me./p

Posted on: Tue, 12/21/1999 - 8:11am
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pI too have gone to the quackwatch site, and I must say this is this hugest pile of crap that I've heard of. As a pa sufferer I do not find it comforting to think of having myself exposed to peanuts as a way of "desensitizing" myself or whatever it is that they *really* do. I'm also offended that there are those who think it's as easy as telling your body what to do, or that one should even put themselves in the "guinea pig" situation. Oh I really wish it were as simple as mind over matter, or paying a quack doctor some money. Please have show self-respect here./p

Posted on: Tue, 12/28/1999 - 10:57am
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pA lot of you may thinks this is crazy. I took my 4yo son a week ago to have him cured of peanuts. I have arm tested him and it shows he is no longer allergic. However, I will not give him any peanuts. But, if he ever comes into contact with them, maybe he will not react. My son has many allergies. His reaction to food allergies is asthmatic episodes. They start right after eating some foods. I just sit him down and do the arm test to determine what he was allergic to in the food he just ate. I have cured his rice, marshmallow, sodium, chocolate, apple, grape, blackberry, tomato and several other allergies. It is obvious when Aaron is allergic to something. He sometimes breaks out on his chin. I can cure him of the food and give it to him the next day, and there is no reaction. /p
pEverything my son eats often, he turns allergic to. He used to always ask for macaroni and cheese at meals. He quit asking for it. I gave it to him one day and he got congested and I had to do an asthma treatment on him and I also treated him for macaroni and cheese. The next day I gave it to him and he had no reaction. Now, he asks for mac cheese again./p
pI have only taken my son for three treatments. He was cured of corn on the first trip, then tomatoes, onion and garlic (in combination), then peanuts on the last trip. I have spent $120 plus gas to travel 3 hours each way. That's not much in my opinion when my son can eat without having an asthma attack. She showed me how to cure his allergies, and now I do it myself. You can call me a witchdoctor, voodoo doctor or whatever you want. But, I believe God gave someone the ability to find this treatment, and He is the one I thank when I treat my child for an allergy. Satan has nothing to do with this./p
pI have treated my sister for several allergies also. I have treated her corn, vinegar, calcium, chocolate, sodium, cucumber, lettuce, egg, and who can remember what others. The only problem I have is that her egg allergy keeps returning. On our last visit to the NAET doc, she treated her for it again. She hasn't tried egg again to see if it worked. I'll probably treat her a couple more times before she eats one. Her worst allergy was lettuce. It would give her a killer stomach ache. She now enjoys salads and sandwiches./p
pIt really does work! I have treated my daughter for milk also. She broke out in terrible hives a couple of weeks ago. She now drinks milk again. Her only other allergies that I know of is penicillin and Zithromax antibiotics. I will treat her myself and it won't cost me a dime./p
pEveryone can whine and cry about the cost, but when it comes to MY child I will use this treatment and thank God for the ability to do so. Read the book before you criticize others for getting rid of their allergies. I think they are thinking straight. Just because someone doesn't have a medical degree is no reason not to believe in a treatment. And who cares if you don't believe there is a medical basis. People with althzeimers take medication, but for what? Medical experts have said there is no proof that the medicine helps. Gee whiz, who do we want to believe? Believe in yourself and believe in God and He will take care of the rest./p

Posted on: Tue, 12/28/1999 - 3:05pm
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pI'm confused by your post, did YOU actually cure your child's allergies, or did a doctor?/p


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