Posted on: Mon, 09/27/1999 - 11:19am
Chris PeanutAllergy Com's picture
Joined: 04/25/2001 - 09:00


Stay Safe


Posted on: Tue, 10/05/1999 - 3:04am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

pMy son is almost 5 and will begin school next Fall. While he currently attends a peanut-free daycare, I have not worried (too) much because they have been attentive and responsible. However, my productivity and attitude in general at work has significantly taken a nosedive lately as I'm beginning to worry myself sick about Alan beginning school next year. /p
pI'm extremely close to quitting my job and taking on the effort of fighting local school nutritionists and parents to keep peanuts out . I know the road will be a long one, and I desperately need other parents to talk to./p
pSome days I feel like it's almost hopeless - the battle can't even be fought before people are educated. Parents tend to worry only about their own children, and I've seen the argument recently that they can't be dictated to when it comes to the foods their children bring to school. /p
pI am interested in starting a local chapter to fight this ignorance and self-centered attitude. If I must quit my job and drop out of the masters degree program I'm currently enrolled in, then I will. But, even so, I can't do this alone./p
pI live in Chesterfield County (Richmond). If you live near here, please please please let me know./p
pThanks,br /

Posted on: Mon, 10/11/1999 - 12:42am
schierman's picture
Joined: 06/30/1999 - 09:00

pWe live in Charlottesville, VA and are looking for others who suffer from PA. We would like to start a support group. Anyone out there live near Charlottesville?/p
pLet's get together!/p

Posted on: Sun, 02/06/2000 - 1:26pm
Joanne S's picture
Joined: 01/19/2000 - 09:00

pHello my four year old son is allergic to peanuts eggs and some other food allergys.Is there anyone in or near wytheville Va with this peanut allergy or has a child with this allergy? Thanks Joanne/p

Posted on: Wed, 02/09/2000 - 7:45am
Anne Parrish's picture
Joined: 01/06/2000 - 09:00

pWe live in Fairfax County (Reston, specifically) also are getting nervous about going into the public schools (1st grade) next year. /p
pWe would love to meet any of our 'neighbors' to make friends maybe join forces!/p

Posted on: Wed, 03/01/2000 - 6:04am
Cindy Amorino's picture
Joined: 02/09/2000 - 09:00

pDear Colleen Marie,br /
We are moving to the Chesterfield County area in the summer of 2000. Out little boy, who is 3 years old, has a severe peanut allergy. Would love to talk to you more about school and day care safety in this /
Thanks,br /

Posted on: Sat, 03/04/2000 - 11:07am
ColleenMarie's picture
Joined: 03/04/2000 - 09:00

pHi Cindy!/p
pHow ironic that I happened to log on today after several months! And how wonderful to see your message. I'm so excited and hope you'll be interested in meeting or at least talking on the phone. Is your child in daycare? By the way, I was unable to post with my old user name so I had to reregister as ColleenMarie. Still me with one less space (hee hee)./p
pI live near Chesterfield Towne Center. How about you?/p

Posted on: Tue, 03/28/2000 - 9:09am
Samsmom's picture
Joined: 08/19/1999 - 09:00

pHi Anne Parrish,br /
We live in DC and have a son attending full-time pre-K in the District. We went through mega-anxiety and stress last summer before he started school. It has worked amazingly well, with a few bumps along the way. We would be happy to talk to you about our experiences. We also have several friends with kids attending Fairfax Co Schools and can tell you how their schools handle PA children. You can e-mail us direct at:br /
[email][/email] Can you tell who our lives revolve around? Ha Ha/p

Posted on: Tue, 04/25/2000 - 1:17pm
Noslo's picture
Joined: 04/25/2000 - 09:00 to this board and web site..what a gift! Our son is allergic to peanuts too. I have so many questions about when to test and all. We just moved to Chesapeake last there someone else in the area of Va. Beach or near abouts? Hoping, Nicholas' Mommy/p

Posted on: Sun, 08/27/2000 - 7:06pm
LeeAnne's picture
Joined: 08/28/2000 - 09:00

pHi everyone. Do any of you know if there are any PA support groups in the Fairfax County, Virginia area? We live in Oakton Virginia which is sandwhiched between Vienna-Fairfax-and Reston. /p
pMy daughter, Nikki, is 5 1/2 and will start kindergarten next week at Flint Hill Public Elem. located in Vienna, Virginia. /p
pThis web site has been amazingly helpful in our PA preparations at the school. I thank all of you who participate on it. /p
pIf anyone in the Fairfax area would like to establish contact, please feel free to e-mail me at [email][/email]. I would love to hear from you. /p
p------------------br /
~ LeeAnne/p

Posted on: Thu, 09/07/2000 - 12:20pm
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Joined: 09/07/2000 - 09:00

pJoanne S - I live in Bedford County not too far from Roanoke. My one year old son is peanut allergic. I don't know of anyone to talk to regarding this in this area.Would love to hear more from you./p


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