Posted on: Sat, 10/23/1999 - 4:58pm
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I live in AZ, my daughter rated very high (6) on her blood test for PA. Her doctor is an Allergy and Asthma specialist, and he suggested we see a Food Allergy specialist. The only doctors he could suggest were out of state (John Hopkins MD, National Jewish CO).

We are willing to take our daughter anywhere to get answers on how best to handel her PA. Any suggestions?

Posted on: Sun, 10/24/1999 - 4:12am
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Hi Renee:
Why would your allergist refer you to one of the major medical research centers? Is your daughter allergic by touch and smell? How many reactions has she had and how severe? Currently, there is no cure for peanut allergy. Without more information, I can't understand why your allergist would refer your daughter to a specialized research center. We have many people on this Board who have tested 6 and beyond and were not referred to a specialized medical center.


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