Chocolate allergy?

Posted on: Mon, 10/25/1999 - 9:56am
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My noon PA daughter is having a Halloween party in her preschool and I have the pleasure of making one of the snacks. However, one of the children is allergic to chocolate. I do not believe there are anyother food allergies known.

My queston is does coca butter count as chocolate. I am unsure if I will be able to get intouch with the parents before the party and I do want to provide a safe snack.


Mary Lynn

Posted on: Tue, 11/09/1999 - 9:50am
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Hi! this is probably a date late and a dollar short, but I just saw your message! I have called Hershey's regarding cocoa butter. Since my son is allergic to milk, I wanted to find out if the "butter" contained milk. They told me that cocoa butter is the oil that is pressed out of the cocoa bean. So Hershey's is only made from the cocoa bean. Since it is made from the oil, I would think that some parents may allow a chocolate-allergic person to have it. But I personally would not! There is too much risk. At the very least, I would call the parents. I am VERY IMPRESSED with your consideration of others. THANK YOU THANK YOU! It's wonderful to know there are people like you out there....

Posted on: Tue, 11/23/1999 - 9:29am
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As I was unable to contact the parents prior to the party, I played it safe and used ingredients that did not have the words cocoa or chocolate. I even brought in extra non chocolate candy to put in her take home bag as wome parents were unaware of her allergy.
Thanks for your reply.


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