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Posted on: Fri, 02/04/2000 - 11:34am
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My husband and I will be trying for our second child soon and I too was wondering if I should stay away from peanuts and milk products as my son is both allergic to dairy and peanuts. My only question is, if you stay away from milk, how do you get your needed calcium for the baby. Dairy is a great protein source as well. I'm worried about getting enough protein for the baby if both milk and dairy are eliminated during pregnancy. Any ideas on substitutes?

Posted on: Mon, 02/07/2000 - 1:42pm
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I craved peanuts and peanut products throughout my pregnancy and period of nursing. My son had his first (and only) peanut reaction around 13 months but had eczema and gastrointestinal issues basically from birth. I nursed and supplemented with milk based formula for 4 months. When I stopped nursing and switched him to soy formula at 4 months he improved dramatically within 24 hours. I assumed that he was just milk allergic. His eczema never really went away though. After his peanut reaction we had him tested by an allergist. He tested positive for peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, cat and dust mites. I can find family links for only the milk allergy. While I wonder if my peanut consumption caused his allergy I find it more productive to concern myself with keeping him safe now. Please don't beat yourself up for eating peanuts while your were pregnant.

Posted on: Wed, 02/09/2000 - 4:11am
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Hi all
Please don't feel guilty. People are predisposed to conditions and diseases. You simply introduced the allergen as I did inutero. Our children still evevtually would have eaten and reacted.
My 5 yr olds teacher developed the allergy when she was 27 yrs old. She told me that she had eaten pb every day and one day she broke out in hives.Environment also plays a roll ,as you and I know that more and more additives are being used. Let's not play the blame game. It's not fair to anyone, and it certainly is not going to make this nasty allergy go away.

Posted on: Wed, 02/09/2000 - 12:03pm
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My first child is not PA but my second child is and I consumed many peanuts during my second pregnancy. My husband also has a history of PA in his family. Judging from the many responses on this board PA can not be blamed on consumtion during pregnancy or nursing but I will not eat them again should I ever conceive again.

Posted on: Sat, 02/12/2000 - 9:26am
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I ate a lot of bananas with peanut butter while I was pregnant with Adam and also while nursing him. I remember liking the peanut M&Ms as well. Adam has never liked bananas and ofcourse is severely allergic to the peanut. I remember thinking at the time that I was doing a smart thing by not eating anything hot and spicy! My OBGYN thought peanuts were a good food as well (this was in 1993). I did not eat any peanut products with my second pregnancy and did not consume any while nursing ... My second son seems to have no allergies at all. I go along with recommending staying away from peanuts until 3 years of age if not older ... I also like the idea of not eating peanuts in the last trimester and also while nursing.

Posted on: Sun, 02/13/2000 - 11:42am
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Adamsmom- I also ate tons of bananas and peanut butter while pregnant and nursing. My 2yr old son (peanut anaphylactic)also never liked bananas. to go along with this thread, I am sure that my eating PB while pregnant and throughout nursing contributed to the severity of his allergy.

Posted on: Tue, 02/15/2000 - 11:12am
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This is a very interesting topic. I ate lots of nuts when pregnant and bf my PA son. In the press here (Australia) they had some publicity about nuts and how they shouldn't be eaten during pregnancy or bf. This was before we found out about the allergy and at that point I thought it is something we should look out for! Then it turns out he is PA. I was also asked (or perhaps I mentioned it but the doc was interested) about consumption of nuts during pregnancy. One important note is that breastfeeding is known to be protective against allergies, my son was bf for about 11 months, even though I worked full time from when he was 12 weeks. His specialist pointed out this was really good, so although I exposed him to nuts, I figure without the breastfeeding he may well have developed allergies to a whole load of other sutff.
I tell everyone I know now who is pregnant or breastfeeding not to eat nuts. Although I must admit now that my 2nd is 8months and still partially breastfed I allow myself the occassional indulgence. I actually ate satay the other day - what a luxury! (At lunch on a work day so my son wasn't around.) Knowing breastfeeding is good for allergies is one thing keeping me going with it at the moment, I'd hate to give up and have her develop some allergy!

Posted on: Fri, 02/18/2000 - 3:37am
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I'd like to point out that we all have experiences with PA, which is why we're talking here. So this isn't feedback representative to the general population. I'm willing to bet that MOST people ate peanut products in pregnancy & with nursing but MOST people don't have PA children.
Nevertheless, I too have the guilt and questions! And with the rise of PA, I think the connection is worth exploring.....

Posted on: Fri, 02/18/2000 - 11:57am
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Quilty. Daily peanut butter eater during pregnacy and breatfeeding. I only wished someone would have warned me about this. I never heard of being allergic to peanut products before my son was suspected of this allergy. More research is diffinitely needed on this subject. Meanwhile I wish the WIC Program would stop giving expecting and nursing mothers peanut butter each month and those obstetricians advocating its consumption would stop advising.
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Posted on: Fri, 03/03/2000 - 1:37pm
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Yes, I ate lots of peanut butter while pregnant with my first child and while breastfeeding. I was trying to avoid caffine so to keep me away from chocolate I ate P.B. I was told by the doctors it was a good source of protein. They is no history of food allergies in our families. I avoided peanuts entirely with the later two pregnancies and no p.a.'s occurred in my other two children. The allergy doctor told me, though no medical research confirms this, it is speculated in the medical community that overindulgences in any of the high sensitivity food groups (milk, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, strawberries, etc.) is believed to be passed on during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding (especially breastfeeding). He also speculates that we may have had a great, great grand relative that might have had this allergy and we just don't know it.



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