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Posted on: Fri, 03/10/2000 - 12:52am
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I am overwhelmed, yet again.

Eli (anaphylactic to milk and eggs) had an appointment with his allergist yesterday. He did a tryptase level and some more scratch testing. Eli tested allergic to a myriad of food items that he has eaten without incident. The allergist didn't test him for milk and egg because it would be too risky.

Eli has had more and more severe reactions to incidental exposure of milk and egg products. In the last three months he has vomitted from playing with toys or touching things that have been played with by others that must have had some sort of residue on their hands. I don't take him to so many places as it is because of his allergies. We had to leave his cousin's birthday party because the cake was just too risky.

His allergist recommended that we go see Dr. Sampson at Mt. Sinai. He knows him and said he will give him a referral.

Some of you have gone to him, can I ask what it was like? How long was the appointment? Did he do further testing? Do I need to bring his records with us? Anything else you could share with me I would appreciate.

I live in Texas, so this will be quite a trip. Eli is almost three and I will have to leave my two year old at home.

Thank you.



p.s. I have never been to New York before.

Posted on: Mon, 03/13/2000 - 3:03am
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pNobody here has seen Dr. Sampson??/p

Posted on: Mon, 03/13/2000 - 4:02am
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pKristene: I have my two-year old peanut allergic daughter in to see Dr. Sampson. She had an anaphyllactic reaction at 15 months. We took her to see an allergist who specializes in food allergies and asthma, and he did a variety of skin tests. However, after we saw him a few times (excellent doctor), she has some mild reactions to being around peanut butter, residue, etc. Very similar to your situation. I was doing quite a bit of research, and everything led to Dr. Sampson. We called and made an appointment and went to see him. He was excellent and worth the trip (although he's only an hour from us). From Texas, it was quite a trip and NYC is an overwhelming place. What you might want to think about, is Dr. Sampson works with a Doctor in Denver (his name escapes me, but you could probably get it from the Food Allergy Network - he's on their Board with Dr. Sampson). Denver might be a more reasonable trip for you. Again, I trust my daughter's life with Dr. Sampson - he's wonderful and actually very encouraging. It may be worthwhile for you to talk with him about seeing the Dr. in Denver. Good luck - Michele/p

Posted on: Tue, 03/14/2000 - 2:10am
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pDo you mind telling me more about your first visit? I have no idea of what to expect. /p
pYou can e-mail me, if you have time at/p
pThank you,/p

Posted on: Sat, 03/18/2000 - 7:30am
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pKristene,br /
I am PA, as is my 2 1/2 year old son. We have seen Dr. Sampson, he is very knowledgeable in my opinion, when I compare him to all the other allergists I have dealt with. I don't know if you noticed that the FAN conference in Rye Brook NY is the day after your appointment. If you haven't attended, it might be worth your while, as he is one of the speakers.br /
Bring records of any testing your child has had done, and make a list of all your questions/concerns in order of importance. I only logon every week or so, things are very hectic for me lately, but if you have other questions, I'll try to answer them./p

Posted on: Sat, 03/18/2000 - 8:50am
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pI have a question about seeing Dr. Sampson. My son is PA as well. Is it that he can suggest other treatments or can provide you with better information on dealing with the allergy? thanks/p

Posted on: Mon, 03/20/2000 - 1:25am
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pMy husband asked the same thing when he found out we were going to New York from Texas to see Dr. Samson. I'm not sure what he will be able to do or tell us that his regular allergist hasn't. I have heard nothing but raves about him, so we will go./p
pThere are three main reasons I am going:/p
p1. Eli's allergist has him on Zantac, Zyrtec, and Ventolin every day for a total of six doses. This is to help his reactions. That seems like a lot of med for a two year old. I want a second opinion on that./p
p2. We are scheduling our visit with Dr. Samson to coincide with the FAN conference, so it is a food allergy trip bonanza. I had planned on attending the meeting in California. This is just the other direction./p
p3. I have heard so many great things about him, and Eli's allergist has referred us. I am financially able to go. I never want to think I left one stone unturned./p

Posted on: Mon, 03/20/2000 - 2:49pm
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pIs Eli also asthmatic? My daughter is 4 and is PA and asthmetic she is on Singulair (3mg), Zyrtic (one teaspoon), Intal (2-3 times daily, and Xopenex (as needed). She had a bad reaction to Atrovent and later found that it comes with a warning under Contraindications that it should not be used by patients with a history of allergies to Soy or Peanut. I too wonder what the long term effects on all this medication at such a young age will have. I live in AZ and am planning a trip to visit family in Maryland and hope to secure an appointment with Dr. Woods at Hopkins. I would like to attend the FAN conference in CA as well. The only hope I have to offer you is that we are concerned and on the ball about what each medication and we are taking steps to verify its necessaty. Your posting was the first time I heard Zantac being used for PA. I love the stuff, as I am sensitive to onion. It has opened up a whole new world of food enjoyment for me. Is it a chewable, what dosage and frequency, perscription? Please let me know your doctors thinking behind this, and keep us posted on what you learn./p

Posted on: Tue, 03/21/2000 - 1:39am
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pEli has no environmental allergies, and no asthma./p
pHis doctor said they are to be taken every day to help reduce or delay his reactions. They won't prevent a reaction, but they "may" give us a few more minutes./p
pThat's why I am so unsure. These meds are taken every day, and his reactions aren't that common./p
pHis doses are as follows; Zantac 3ml twice a day, Zrytec 1/2 teasponn every day, Ventolin 2mg/5ml three times a day./p
pWe also have Pediapred 5mg/5ml to give when he has a reaction./p
pThat's a lot of med for a two year old./p
pI will keep you updated./p


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