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Posted on: Fri, 05/05/2000 - 4:47am
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pYou have been an inspiration to me. I'm on a mission now! I'm going for the same in Canada! Time for some policy changes!!/p
pNow it's my turn, my meetings on Wednesday with the principal./p
pI've been really having a hard time with thinking through the school thing, and have been leaning towards homeschooling because it was the only option that was safe. Now with your idea of supervision over snacks, lunch and recess, I'm changing my mind. If we could implement that, I would be so much more relax. Watch out Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, here I come!/p

Posted on: Fri, 05/05/2000 - 5:00am
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pGood luck at your meeting!! If you need any help or have any questions please feel free to e-mail me./p
pWe just found out our district has made some policy changes and implemented some new policies in regards to food allergies. All this was based on our plan and research we backed it up with!/p
pI never thought I would be a crusader but I am so glad that i am!/p
pGood Luck [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]!/p

Posted on: Sun, 06/25/2000 - 4:27pm
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pI just was scrolling through old posts and came across our 504 plan for my daughter. This will go into effect on August 1st which is the first day of first grade. It was funny looking back at it because the wording had to be totally changed at school. Since we wrote the plan my daughter has been diagnosed with peanut allergy in addition to the tree nut. At least it happened before we distributed all the paperwork to everyone!! All the information packets I put together were geared mostly to just the tree nut allergy so I had to go back through and change things. Unfortunately I had highlighted everything in green and can not find another highlighter the exact same color so it looks kinda goofy. Oh well this way it looks like I am trying to stress some things more than others./p

Posted on: Thu, 06/29/2000 - 6:48pm
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pHi Rilira,/p
pMy son is only 2 1/2 but it is never to early to start building up an arsenal of information! /p
pCan you share the supporting documentation that you used to prove your points? (Links, etc.) That evidence was obviously very important to getting those 26 items approved. I'd like to put it in my "allergy attack pack"./p
pThanks, LD/p

Posted on: Sat, 07/01/2000 - 5:42am
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pLD-br /
I definitely think the documentation backed us up tremendously. I am not computer savvy enough to do hyperlinks (anyone want to e-mail the computer challenged?) I read the tips on how to do it but still don't get it. Anyway here are the sources I used:/p
p PubMed [url="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed"]www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed[/url]br /
articles: (The link will take you to their home page, then type the article title listed below in their search function- it will then give you the article to read.)br /
1. Fatal and Near Fatal anaphylactic reactions to food in children and adolescentsbr /
2.Management of severe food allergy in the school setting./p
pAnother article:/p
p [url="http://www.csaci.medical.org/anaphschhols.html"]www.csaci.medical.org/anaphschhols.html[/url]br /
article:br /
Anaphylaxis in schools and other child care settings/p
palso related to that article is: [url="http://www.aaaai.org/"]http://www.aaaai.org/[/url]br /
[url="http://www.aaaai.org/scripts/search/search.asp"]http://www.aaaai.org/scripts/search/search.asp[/url]br /
(search under anaphylaxis in schools)br /
AAAAI Professional Resource Center:Position statement 34br /
( This is me editing- this article is no longer available in their current data, it is basically a synposis of the article Anaphylaxis in schools and other child care settings)/p
pexcerpts from [url="http://www.anaphylaxis.org"]www.anaphylaxis.org[/url]br /
I copied info. pertaining to worsening reactions,when kids are at higher risk,where to keep epi-pen,treatment of anaphylaxis./p
p [url="http://cgi.cadvision.com/~allergy/"]http://cgi.cadvision.com/~allergy/[/url]br /
After following this link, I clicked on articles and scrolled down the list. I then clicked on each of these title and it displayed the article./p
pThe following articles:br /
Division of Responsibilitybr /
Allergy free zone protects studentbr /
Cross Contaminationbr /
Managing food allergy in your classroom/p
pThe cross contamination article is near the top , all others are under the sub topic school related./p
p [url="http://www.kidsource.com"]www.kidsource.com[/url]br /
use the search function and type in the article name.br /
article:br /
Back to school with food allergies/p
p [url="http://www.vh.org/VCH/"]www.vh.org/VCH/[/url]br /
use the search function and type in the key words listed below.br /
articles:br /
Food Allergybr /
pI hope some of this is helpful./p
p----This is [email]Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com[/email]br /
Some of the links above were not going to the corresponding sites mentioned. I edited those www addresses (one went to an architectural site). I want to remind everyone to test any links you post to see that they work and go where you wanted them to. Keep on posting! /p
pI think I have fixed everything. I do not know how to make links directly to the articles, that is why I said to use the search function./p
pDo I get a prize for the most edited post? I guess that is what is referred to as a boobie prize!/p
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Posted on: Sat, 07/01/2000 - 5:48am
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pI forgot to add that I went through the articles and highlighted anything which supported what we were wanted. One example is we wanted our daughter to have immediate access to the epi. So in the Anaphylaxis in schools and other child care settings one thing i underlined was "Data clearly shows that fatalities more often occur away from home and are associated with either not using or a delay in the use of epinephrine treatment." There is also a whole section on Epinephrine which I highlighted./p
pLet me know if there is any questions./p

Posted on: Mon, 01/01/2001 - 3:34pm
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pLinda, I just read this whole thread from start to finish and I must say, what a wonderful job you did for Rachel. I'm now feeling like a complete idiot for accepting a blanket school board policy for Jesse./p
pI can kinda explain myself on that. First of all, you know I'm Canadian so we don't have a 504 here. But, when I first met with Jesse's teacher at the beginning of him going to school at 3-3/4 years old (JK), she told me that he would be sitting beside another child eating a pb sandwich. I thought, no way! I was absolutely livid and also upset that my very social little guy would not be able to go to school./p
pHowever, I settled down enough to recognize, and this was before I had a computer or the internet or found this site, that there had to be some kind of policy in place somewhere or hoped there would be. I had heard of the "issue" of peanut free schools and classrooms before. And, my MIL had worked at a school that had a peanut free room for the PA children to eat. This was in Toronto. So, I was hoping there was something in place here./p
pAs I found out, there was. When I went through it, it only allowed for a "peanut free" classroom for Jesse, not a "peanut free" or "peanut safe" school. The principal, for whatever reason, is the one who makes the decision for a school to be "peanut free". So, when presented with this, and looking at what I still consider a pretty good school board policy, I thought this blanket covering of my son was okay./p
pYou have a couple of things, in particular that struck me that I have very stupidly not even thought of. The soap. The drinking fountains. The suppliers of the cleaners used in the classroom. The aide. I don't think I would ever be able to get the aide.br /
But I do know that I'm capable of giving my child some soap (does Rachel have soft soap or a bar?) and of giving him a bottle of water. I could also ask for the cleaning suppliers names to be provided to me./p
pWow! Now, aside from my Pillsbury Dough Boy mission (I have yet to hear back from Canada Post about shipping medical waste - I am going to say because of the holidays, not that they think I'm a raving lunatic), but this is much more important./p
pI am so thankful that you took the time to post all of your 504 points on this board.br /
You can't imagine how many people you have helped and children's safety you have helped to ensure./p
pIt's simply incredible./p
pOh, and I did receive just recently the paperwork that I need to see if Jesse qualifies under the only thing that we have in our province that may pertain to him, the "severely disabled" paperwork to now do. I receive my income tax returns back so I could do the figure work. That's also important, as a test case for what financial assistance there may be available for PA parents in this particular province. Jesse's teacher even asked me that during the last week of school before Christmas. He had forgotten to take his fanny pack off and when I was giving it to her I told her that I really wanted to get him an Epi-belt but they were costly little items. She asked me if there wasn't any financial assistance whatsoever to deal with PA because she said that she sees so many people getting financial assistance for things that she considers less serious (she didn't say what). I told her that I was doing a test case to see, but as far as I knew, there was nothing./p
pI guess my point is - I have these other things I am going to do but man, I should have been checking out important threads like this one and implementing things to ensure the safety of my child more thoroughly. I am going to try to contact Morgansmom and see if she was able to get an aide for Morgan. She's also in Ontario./p
pAgain, you don't know how grateful I am for you having posted all of this information. Our school board policy does have a little bit of what you have in your 504 but it's not as all encompassing./p
pHappy New Year and best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]/p

Posted on: Tue, 01/02/2001 - 8:28am
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pWhy should you feel bad for accepting a policy already in place? From what i know of the policy it actually is a good one. I just had to start from scratch./p
p Many things like the soap for example came about not because of the food allergy but because of the excema Rachel gets on her hands. It is aggravated by most soaps. She carries a small bottle of liquid soap in her pack./p
pThe water bottle idea came about from watching kids suck on the water fountain- way gross germ wise./p
pAnother great idea Rachel's teacher started this year was sending a buddy with Rachel went she goes to the restroom. The restroom is located near the kitchen. In kindergarten the restroom was in the classroom./p
pi am glad you liked our plan but by no means knock down your own. I think most people on here who have plans in place at school have borrowed a little from everyone else. Isn't this why we are here to help each other? I don't know how many times I have read stuff on here and then said duh why didn't I think of that?/p

Posted on: Tue, 01/23/2001 - 3:49pm
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pI am finding this thread tremendously helpful, and am trying to look at the articles mentioned. I am having trouble with the link: [url="http://www.cadivision.com/allergy"]www.cadivision.com/allergy[/url] , however. I am very interested in some of the articles mentioned for that link. If Linda or anyone else can help me with this I would really appreciate it. Thank you! Miriam/p

Posted on: Tue, 01/23/2001 - 10:33pm
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p[url="http://cgi.cadvision.com/~allergy/"]http://cgi.cadvision.com/~allergy/[/url] /p
p(there was an extra i in the word cadvision)/p
p------------------br /
Stay Safe,/p
p [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]/p


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