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Posted on: Sun, 06/04/2000 - 12:15pm
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My PA son, 51/2 years old is very small for his age. My oldest son, non PA is actually big for his age. I never thought about this until I read your posting. I looked at the topic several times, and never thought anything of it. I just had this "urge" to check it out, now on our next appointment, I will ask. Maybe there has been a study on it, maybe not. Maybe there should be!

Posted on: Sun, 06/04/2000 - 1:04pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

I find my son of regular height for his age (compared to the other 4 year olds in his class) but extremely slender. He is a very picky eater. I had not connected it to PA.
What I had considered was the inhaled steroids he takes for his asthma. On the other hand, all this worry may be for naught, he is built exactly like his father, you would think he was a mini-version of him body wise. I have contacted the Asthma Association about the inhaled steroid and his growth and apparently it is better for the child to remain on the steroid is asthma is that bad rather than to have the lungs affected adversely for the rest of their lives. I can hardly ever get my list of questions answered when I go to the doctor as it is, should I add his slenderness to the mix re his PA?
Cindy Spowart Cook
And again, is it not great that we have this site to share every concern, comment, and show support and share stories with one another. It's simply fabulous. My husband can't figure out why I'm in here all the time but I had so desperately wanted to speak with someone for such a long time. The asthma is common so I don't feel the need for a discussion group, for me, for that, but the PA is different. At any rate, everyone is going to be saying, don't let Cindy post anymore, she is continually babbling!

Posted on: Tue, 06/06/2000 - 10:33am
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I copied this link from another recent post at this site. There is a reference in the article about allergies and how they can affect growth. [url="http://enquirer.com/editions/2000/06/06/loc_progress_against.html"]http://enquirer.com/editions/2000/06/06/loc_progress_against.html[/url]

Posted on: Sat, 07/01/2000 - 4:51am
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My 3 year old pa/egg allergic son is off the growth charts at the big end. He's not fat but just a big solid kid. He's 38 in tall and weights 38 pounds! My husband and I are 5'5 and 5'7. My husband weight is normal, I've been overweight most of my life, (thin, fat, thin, fat...) Anyway due to this allergy stuff my son doensn't eat junk food, thinks broccoli is the best snack, never had soda, loves yougart, fruit...He's just a great big lovable kid!

Posted on: Sat, 07/01/2000 - 7:19am
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If your doctor refers to growth charts, ask how and when the chart was devised. Many times the charts show percentiles that were taken decades ago and you must factor that into your result. If they are recent studies, remember that more than half the children in the United States are overweight today. I found my doctor not relying on the chart at all but on his evaluation of my daughters health in general. The charts are usually an ad for some pharmaceutical company and free so they are posted on the wall of the office.

Posted on: Sun, 07/02/2000 - 3:32am
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My daughter is a tall skinny Minnie. She is 48 inches tall and is now tipping the scales at 41 lbs. She is 6 1/2 years old. I don't think it has anything to do with allergies. I think it has to do with my 6 foot 145 lb. husband. I am the lone chubby in my skinny family.

Posted on: Mon, 07/17/2000 - 2:53pm
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My daughter just had a Well Check at her regular doctor she is 5 1/2 years lold and is in the 90% in both height and weight. She has always been the tallest in her class, she is rather slim but she swims a lot of laps. She is very highly allergic to peanuts and has Asthma.

Posted on: Sun, 08/13/2000 - 9:13am
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My PA son is almost 5 yrs old. He is 43 inches tall and 36 pounds. Small boy.Still in car seat.

Posted on: Sun, 08/13/2000 - 11:58pm
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My PA son is average height and low weight. My non-PA son is tall and low weight. I guess that from the wide array of responses, I am to deduce that my 2 1/2 yr old PA son is not small because of the allergy. I will simply wait patiently for a growth spurt. Thanks for all of the responses.

Posted on: Thu, 10/26/2000 - 3:30am
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This is an issue that really intrigues me. In fact it was because of my son's FTT months that I started looking for links connecting PA and vaccines (I had read somewhere that the vaccines could cause allergies to go into hyperdrive, and thus cause probs in the digestive system). I didn't start trying to link the two up until a couple of weeks ago. A year after deciding Matt was allergic to peanuts, and a year after he had started to finally 'catch back up' in growth.
In trying to find info on this, I stumbled across this site, and am so glad I did! Until this site, we had NO idea how serious and complicated PA was. The only thing we have ever heard from our doc was "no more pbj sandwhichs". We still haven't seen an allergist (waiting for a referral) and still don't have an epipen. But we're working on it. =)
Anyway, as far as growth.... I am 5' flat, my husband is 5' 9". Our oldest daughter maintained a steady percentile on the growth charts in weight and has only dropped in height since her 2nd birthday. (We assume she is not PA, as she had eaten several pbj and pb candy before we figured out her brother was) Typically, boys are taller, and bigger than girls at comparable ages when they are still in the under 2 set. Not so for my son.
My daughter has always been on the short side. I expected this, as I am short. My son was born average weight/length (7lb 4oz, 18.5"), and did fine up till 2mo. Then he got his 1st DTaP shot and a Hib shot (that I had REFUSED!! I'm still ticked!) and lost weight. His growth really slowed down too. He was dxed FTT at 5mo. He was way under the charts for both weight and height. Much smaller than his sister had been at 5mo, of course.
Here's the thing. When he started eating table foods, and we got rid of the formula(he had been eating 40-48oz of formula a day, with VERY little weight gain) he started putting some weight back on. His growth however, is another matter. Today, at 22mo, he is around 23lb and is 30" tall. His sister at the same age was about 23lb but 31.5" tall.
The ped GI we saw last year tested Matt for CF, SDS, malabsorbtion, and a bunch of other stuff, but found nothing. Then Matt started gaining a little weight once we cut out the formula and the GI told us he didn't need to see Matt again. He never once mentioned food allergies, and of course, our reg doc never had either. In fact, I seem to be the only one at all concerned with his height and lack of growth since Christmas (well, he has grown one half inch, but that's it!!).



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