Delta and ASA

Posted on: Wed, 09/13/2000 - 2:39am
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On my recent vacation we flew Delta, more specifically their Delta Conection, and they served peanuts and cheese crakers with peanut butter. On my doctors advice, I called ahead of time to Delta - they stated that they couldn't guarantee a peanut free flight but that they would make sure three rows in front and three rows behind had no peanuts. I was also informed that the only peanuts were in trail mix. When I arrived at the gate, I reminded the person at the ticket counter. When I stepped on the plain I reminded the flight attendent. When she went to serve, she asked me if I would like peanuts or crakers w/PB - IMAGINE! I then told her of my conversation regarding three rows in front and three rows in back being clean. She argued with me stating they couldn't guaruntee a peanut free flight - bla bla. Long story short - she proceeded to then ask the persons sitting next to me and in front of me if the would like the peanuts or PB crackers. Boy will they get a letter - not only that but I will pursue with the government.

Don't fly Delta - Melinda

Posted on: Wed, 09/13/2000 - 3:11am
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What is wrong with these people?! Yet, American Airlines had to make an emergency landing last week because of a peanut reaction!!! The ignorance makes me so mad...and I'm sure it made all those people mad who were put out of their way when the AA flight made an emergency landing!

Posted on: Wed, 09/13/2000 - 3:50am
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I'm so sorry to hear of your experience. That's awful! I wonder if we would be able to get written confirmation when an airline representative tells us they will offer a peanut substitute to everyone, or that we will be able to sit in a "peanut free" zone. Has anyone done this? It seems that you would then have some documentation to show the flight attendant. I hope that your letter to Delta gets some results.

Posted on: Wed, 09/13/2000 - 12:11pm
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wow....I FEEL your pain....I get so frustrated that we have to call and talk to so many people and then you ARRIVE on the plane...and the flight attendents look at you blankly....and with US AIR they have always been cooperative, but even the flight attendents state "we know nothing....until we get on the plane" just isn't secure...if offers no insurance! NONE.
How terrible for you. I had the same experience with Northwest...I got a free ticket....but I really really wish I had brought it to the media or the courts. I had a reaction...and injected myself 37 thousand feet up. It just didn't fit the time in my life to make a bigger deal about it...but I raised as much hell as I could.
PLEASE contact the department of transportation and report it. If you need ANY back certainly know where to find us!
Thank god you are alright!

Posted on: Wed, 09/13/2000 - 1:04pm
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I was unaware of this AA emergency landing. Do you have more details or can you direct me to someone who does? I will be flying to Orlando in two weeks on American with my son!!!
Quote:Originally posted by Heather:
[b]What is wrong with these people?! Yet, American Airlines had to make an emergency landing last week because of a peanut reaction!!! The ignorance makes me so mad...and I'm sure it made all those people mad who were put out of their way when the AA flight made an emergency landing![/b]

Posted on: Thu, 09/14/2000 - 12:34am
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kstreeter the emergency landing post is on this board several topics down the list.

Posted on: Thu, 09/14/2000 - 4:44am
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I wish there was a clear cut guideline for these airlines to follow! I was flying out to California earlier this year on Conitinental and I told the flight attendant about my allergy. She then told me that because I had told her of my allergy, she was not allowed to even open or give out one bag of peanuts to anyone. This caused a minor stir when we were delayed on the ground for four hours with no food or anything! Still, they did not back down. Anyway, the policy is shoddy at best. One bit of good mom just flew from Seattle to NJ and they gave her pretzels. Maybe things are changing.

Posted on: Thu, 09/14/2000 - 10:07am
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Anonymous (not verified)

I'm glad to hear Continental has finally gotten with the program - my friend had a bad experience with them about a year and a half ago.
Delta is without a doubt the most arrogant corporation I have encountered. We cancelled reservations with them because of this issue about a month and a half ago, and just this week we received the lamest letter you ever saw. They absolutely don't get it. Boycott Delta!!!

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