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Posted on: Thu, 09/28/2000 - 10:36am
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Just wanted to relate an incident that happened to us last night. We wound up in the ER with our son who had asthmatic symptoms. I mentioned to the ER doctor that Matt had an anaphylactic allergy. Puzzled, the ER doctor said "anaphylactic?". Thinking that he was asking what the ana. allergy was to, I said, "peanuts". He then said, "No, I mean what is anaphylactic?" Relating this to my allergist today, he said it didn't surprise him. Needless to say, I won't go back to that ER. Thanks for listening.

Posted on: Thu, 09/28/2000 - 1:16pm
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YIKES!! Don't you wonder sometimes where some doctors get their medical degrees from?? Other than that ignorant statement, I hope your son received the appropriate care he needed for his asthma symptoms. My son was in the ER last weekend for the same thing. Just one more thing to deal with on top of the pa. I hope your son is feeling better. Deanna

Posted on: Sat, 12/30/2000 - 2:06pm
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Gawd this reminds me of that bad joke ...what do you call the guy who passed last in his medical school exams? .....Doctor!
I'm not trying to make light of your experience; it's really frightening!

Posted on: Fri, 01/12/2001 - 11:24am
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I am an ER nurse and this is really scary. I'm hoping possibly the word was mispronouned so it was not clearly understood by the doctor. If not you should notify the ER of this incident. We can just hope he knew how to treat the symptoms anyway.

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