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Posted on: Thu, 11/02/2000 - 10:44pm
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Hi our allergist told us that usually Blonde hair blue eyed children have allergy to foods. I have no idea if this is any of your cases but my son fits this to a tee. My daughter is olive skinned brown eyed and darker hair than him. My brother has blue eyes and food allergies. My little 2 year old has the blue eyes and light hair. I am not sure yet with him. My younger brother is blue eyed and allergic to bees. My whole family is Irish also. My grandfather was from Ireland. this is so interesting. MY husband is where my daughter gets her looks and my boys look just like my side. My daughter started out looking just like myself and completly changed to daddy side. his is very interesting. Claire

Posted on: Thu, 11/02/2000 - 11:08pm
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My mother and father are both from P.R. and my husband's family history is traced back to Scotland. It is my 4th and youngest who has P.A. and yes she also has long lashes but so do all my children. They are all caucasion but I wouldn't exactly call them fair skinned. My P.A. DD has brown hair and normal ht.& wt. for a 4 year old.
Are we related? ;-) I guess if we aren't genetically, we are related to some degree. I have a wonderful child that I have to protect and educate about a potentially dangerous allergy. If you do too, then I can relate!

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 2:19am
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Thanks so much for starting this thread! This is th type of thing to provoke statistics and the beginnings of hypotheses!! I have often wondered why the Food Allergy Network doesn't send out a survey to all members!!????!?!?!?
My pa son Alan is blond with blue eyes (and, yes, long lashes!), and very petite. We thought he was the first in the family with food allergies, but my adult cousin just developed a severe banana allergy a few years ago...and....I just found out last week that another of my adult cousins (half Irish) recently learned she is severely pa.
I am 5'1" and fair-skinned (ditto the comment about looking like a ghost - that's me!). I have dark brown hair and blue eyes and my ethnic background is Irish, Italian, and Lithuanian.
My husband is 5'7" and also fair-skinned. He has strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes, lots of freckles. Just adorable! His background is primarily Norwegian & Danish, but he says there is a smorgasbord of other ethnicities too (small percentage, though).
I hope we can keep this survey going!

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 2:33am
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OK, I'm Irish background also, and my PA daughter has the longest eyelashes (I'm jealous), and I'm also Casper the Friendly Ghost. My sister-in-law is always trying to get me into the Fake 'n Bake Chamber (tanning salon), but what would be the point? I'd go from white to lobster to freckle!
It's interesting to see all our commonalities - great idea for a thread - are we clones?! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img]
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Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 3:07am
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Well, my husband and I are both Jewish, of Eastern European descent. And, I do not fit the "petite mom" syndrome, although I wish I did! I'm interested in this thread, as I had actually thought that food allergies are common among Jewish people. When I mentioned this to a woman at FAN, however, she seemed to get quite annoyed with me, and told me that ethnic background has nothing to do with food allergies. I don't know how she could be so certain, however.

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 4:01am
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I am 6'1" tall and 160lb male. Very slender to say the least. I have extremely long eyelashes, was blonde as a child, green eyes. I am now 22.
I was one month premature. My ethnic background is mostly German and Norwegian but I also have Irish and Italian ancestery. I have environmental and food allergies besides peanuts. My mother's family has some very small women in it...my mom though is 5'7". I am the only person in my family that has even a hint of food allergies. My mother was also a clean-freak when I was growing up...maybe I had a really bored immune system?
BTW: My boss' son is PA. He is half African-American and my boss' wife is caucasian. So atleast he would have the chance of having some caucasian traits, particularly those carried on the maternal side.

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 4:05am
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Thought I'd throw this into the pot, too. "Somewhere" there's a thread that mentions intellect/maturity in our PA kids. My PA son is well ahead of his age in intelligence and understanding. Not bragging, just noting. If it's also a commonality in food allergic kids, I say it's a gift that helps them to cope!

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 5:08am
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I'll throw a couple things in here.
First, I'm Half Asian(Phillipines) and the other half a mixture of French/German(Just in reply to ScaredoftheWalnutAisles' post I do have Thalssemia(genetic) and I passed this on to my daughters,definately an Asian trait). My wife is Caucasian and I would say fits the "petite" model with Blond hair and Hazel eyes. My daughter with the PA has a mix of our traits,light green eyes and very dark hair. As with Lam's post she is definately ahead of her age in intelligence and understanding [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]
To throw a little change in the mix I have a cousin who is 100% Filipino who's wife is 100% Japanese. Their son is PA(because of this my wife blames my side of the family for our daughter's allergies..lol)

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 6:48am
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Very interesting. My 5 year old PA daughter is extremely fair with white-blond hair, blue eyes and extremely long eye lashes. The eye lash connection is interesting. Her father's eyelashes are strikingly long and from the time my daughter had eyelashes people would comment on their incredible length. Also, it seems there are a lot of PA children who are in the 5 to 6 year old range. Please comment on age.

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2000 - 7:52am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Fascinating thread. I DEFINTELY have the petite mom thing going on - 5'/90 lbs. with the smallest wrists/shoulders you have ever seen. My whole family is tiny. We are all fair - my PA son is blonde with green eyes. My hubby and I both have brown hair and blue eyes, but each have 1 red haired parent. We are both Eastern European Jewish (mostly Polish, with some German/Swedish/Russian thrown in). And yes, my PA son has incredibly long eyelashes.
A chiropractor once told me that many "undesirable" recessive genes go along with the fair skin/hair, allergies being one of them. However, this weekend I met a lovely African-American mother of a PA child, so who knows? But come to think of it, 95% of the severely food allergic kids we know are very fair - either blonde or red. Perhaps this is a good topic for some future researh?


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