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Posted on: Mon, 09/16/2002 - 12:07am
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Sorry Cindy,
Kelloggs in the U.S.
Jaime =)

Posted on: Mon, 09/16/2002 - 1:00am
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Tucker has twice reacted, the only two times he was accidentally given a product with "May Contain" on the label. One was Tickles crackers and the other was some sort of iced animal cracker. Despite her vigilance, my mother missed the May Contain warning in each case, and sure enough, he reacted.

Posted on: Mon, 09/16/2002 - 1:49am
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Lisaml312, I see by your profile we are not in the same area, but this is a number for the nutritionist for Trader Joe's in Ma. Try there and maybe they can help you or redirect you. When I was in-store, the manager at the Arlington, Ma. store was very serious about my questions, contacted her immediately and got back to me while I shopped. He followed me around for a bit talking and listening and said to call for each item. They use many distributors, and need to check each thing item by item, but were very serious and concerned about doing that for me. Here is the number: (781)433-0234. Ask for the nutritionist. Hope that helps.
For those posting about these reactions, and not detailing the actual reaction, how severe was it? I do see where Rebekah had anaphylaxed from her ice cream, yikes! Hope all was okay for you. This greatly interests me lately, as we started school for the first time and the teacher keeps approaching me with things I have just never tried or called on, and I just have preferred to keep to fewer trusted brands, regardless of info I get. Seems like so much is inconsistent, or people react when they really should not have been exposed. Becca

Posted on: Mon, 09/16/2002 - 2:23pm
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DS's last anaphalactic reaction came from cross-contaminated potato chips. The bag had a specific disclaimer on it that they labelled for risk of cross-contam. with the top 8, but he anaphalaxed (Is that a word? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]) after four small chips...the only thing he'd had to eat in several hours.
Needless to say, our comfort zone is tight now! Kristi

Posted on: Tue, 09/17/2002 - 11:25am
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Becca, thanks so much for the info! I will try calling Trader Joes's tomorrow. Lisa

Posted on: Tue, 09/17/2002 - 11:26am
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Becca, thanks so much for the info! I will try calling Trader Joes's tomorrow. Lisa

Posted on: Tue, 09/17/2002 - 11:11pm
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My now 3 year old son's ONLY reaction was from cross-contaminated Chinese food. We had ordered Lo Mein from a local Chinese restaurant several times, and each time Andre had eaten some off Daddy's plate with no problems. The final time we ordered it (when he was 20 months old), Andre ate quite a bit of it, and during the meal broke out in hives all over his face. We immediately took the food away, washed his face and gave him Benadryl (thank goodness I knew the proper dosage). We called the pediatrician, and by the time the doctor on call returned the call, the hives were gone.
We followed up with our own pediatrician the next day, and she kind of dismissed it, saying there were so many ingredients in Chinese food and it was probably just a reaction to a food dye. Luckily my husband has allergy shots and mentioned what happened to his allergist. He strongly encouraged us to ignore the pediatrician and to bring our son in for testing. We did, and he tested positive to peanut immediately during a scratch test.
We believe the Lo Mein had been cross-contaminated either in the ingredients or that a peanut product had been cooked in the same pan before our dish was prepared. We are certain the food was not cooked in peanut oil, so cross-contamination is the only possibility.
Andre's Mom

Posted on: Tue, 09/17/2002 - 11:16pm
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Wade's nasty reaction in May was due to cross contamination. We beleive it was Harvey's french fries (coated). Still waiting to hear from the CFIA for confirmation.

Posted on: Fri, 02/14/2003 - 1:59pm
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Posted on: Fri, 02/14/2003 - 2:56pm
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My son had a reaction ( a big one ) to a cross contaminated cookie from a known bakery. He is off of most cookies now. The bakery said it was proabably a cross contamination.


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