How Many Have Had Reactions due to Cross-Contamination?

Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 7:09am
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How many PA people have had reactions due to cross-contamination - at the manufacturer level, in a restaurant, etc.? If possible, if you do answer, could you give the possible source of your cross-contamination - i.e., it was made on the same line at the manufacturer.

I know that cross-contamination is a great concern to a large number of us. How many
of us have actually had to deal with a reaction due to cross-contamination?

My son has had 3 reactions - they were all from DIRECT contact with a peanut product. To-date, he has not had a reaction due to cross-contamination. Best wishes! [img][/img]


Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 12:31pm
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My son has had one reaction from cross contamination. I don't know how it happened but it was cookies made from a large bakery. We don't do that anymore!

Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 1:05pm
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I have had lots of reactions from cross-contamination. The worst culprits are chocolate candies (M&M, Twix, Kit Kat, Nestle Crunch). I can't think of a time I've had a problem with a fruity-type candy. I've also had problems with chocolate chip cookies (the store brand ones that are like Chips Ahoy). So far, manufacturer cross contamination only causes an itchy throat and maybe a touch of asthma. This is the same as my airborne reaction. By far the worst reactions I've had from cross-contamination are from ice cream parlors - I've had 3 reactions from that in the past 13 years and 2 of those were anaphylactic. I've never had a problem at a restaurant, but I'm a picky eater and I don't think peanuts are hidden in things much in my area or at least not in the decidedly non-gourmet restraunts that I frequent.

Posted on: Wed, 11/08/2000 - 11:40pm
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My son had a reaction due to cross contamination. He ate a Swiss Miss chocolate pudding (which he had before). There is no warning on the label but when I called they informed that they do make a chocolate/PB pudding on the same line. I have been trying to contact them (sending emails) to inquire about who is in charge of complaints but am having a hard time getting them to cooperate. ConAgra owns Swiss Miss and many other large manufacturers (including Peter Pan PB).

Posted on: Fri, 11/10/2000 - 7:54am
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[img][/img] Sorry, I bring up the Smarties and Penpals threads on an almost daily basis, so I decided to bring a couple of other ones up too! Best wishes! [img][/img]
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Posted on: Fri, 11/10/2000 - 10:04am
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My son had a cross-contamination reaction to plain vanilla (no-name) ice cream. It was a brand new carton, clean scooper, so it had to be at the manufacturer level.

Posted on: Sat, 09/14/2002 - 12:25pm
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Duncan Hines cake mix, never supposed to have been in contact with a peanut product at all and yet Jesse had a cross-contamination reaction (two hives only) to a cupcake made from it. There is nothing else he could have been reacting to, so yes, we've now had our first cross-contamination reaction and it was disturbing simply because we couldn't pinpoint the cause - i.e., the cake mix should NOT have been in contact with a peanut product. The same thing happened to another member when her child reacted to KFC.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 09/15/2002 - 4:17am
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My son had a reaction to Raisin Bran. He is also allergic to almonds and I am positive that there must have been cross-contamination in the factory. It was Kelloggs and they also make Raisin Bran Crunch that includes almonds.

Posted on: Sun, 09/15/2002 - 11:21am
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Anonymous (not verified)

AJSMAMA, Kellogg's Canada or Kellogg's U.S.?
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 09/15/2002 - 11:38am
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I am adult with PA and I had my first cross contamination reaction a few weeks ago to Trader Joes Raw Pepitas (pumpkin seeds). There was no warning of any kind on the package and I am PA only...or so I thought! There was no phone # on the package or the TJ's website and they are no longer accepting emails!

Posted on: Sun, 09/15/2002 - 12:20pm
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I received an email from last week, that Kellogs was recalling some of their Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal because of undeclared almonds. Has anybody else received that information from FAAN or other sources? For now, we'll stick to General Mills.


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