1 year old with newly diagnosed peanut allergy

Posted on: Sat, 11/12/2011 - 11:44am
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I'm new to this, and quite nervous, confused and frankly scared.
The day after my son's 1st b-day we let him try a little peanut butter and toast, his face broke out in hives and even his eyes turned red. We spoke to our Dr, gave him benadryl and made an appt with the allergist. Our appt was today, we were told our son has an allergy to peanuts, as well as a few other things. I was quite overwhelmed, we also have a 3 year old who has no allergies and loves her peanut butter, so I didn't ask all the questions I would have liked to. I'm going to call on Monday, I want to know is there any safe way to allow my 3yo anything with peanuts? I'm not trying to be dense, I'm just wondering if its possible. I also would like to know, did any other mothers feel scared and like a crazy person when you first learned of your child's peanut allergy? My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I cant shake the idea that this is something that could potentially cause my baby to stop breathing. Its very hard for me to wrap my head around that fact. I just want to know I'm not being sensitive, and maybe learn some good tips on how to cope.

Posted on: Tue, 11/22/2011 - 3:11am
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No you are not crazy and no you are not alone!! Most of us Mom's went crazy for a while after the diagnosis. It is scary! Check out FAAN's website and see if there is a local support group in your area. it is wonderful! Plus, check out books from the library and learn all about it. It DOES get easier as time goes on, trust me. My son had been to the ER 3 times, and I was a MESS!! I swear I found out right before the summer and we stayed in for like 3 months. I was scared to take him anywhere! But now we do just about everything, I just bring wipes with us, epi-pen, safe food, snacks and try to relax and enjoy life. Good luck!

Posted on: Mon, 11/28/2011 - 2:49pm
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My daughter almost died from an exposure...I am a wreck, my husband still thinks I over react.
I wouldnt let the other one eat peanuts...unless you like the kid that eats peanuts.

Posted on: Sat, 01/14/2012 - 12:10am
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@ Kristin. I found out the day before Thanksgiving that my 14 month old son had a severe peanut allergy. We were at the allergist getting a flu shot because of his egg allergy and asthma. It was a complete shock and am still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I have 2 older boys with no allergies that loved to eat peanut butter everyday. We have taken the peanut butter out of the house. I figure our home has to be the safest place. When the boys go to friends houses they can eat peanut butter if served but they are to wash themselves very well before they come home! We have not had a reaction but I am terrified as well reading all the things that other moms right. I know it will happen someday. We don't know exactly how bad it is but the allergist said it was pretty big and developing. You are not alone in hoe you feel. My husband at first wasn't as vigilant as I was but after he talked with a nurse about it he became much more on board.

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