Hi - mom to a peanut, soy, wheat, dairy, egg, avocado, sesame allergic 17 month old

Posted on: Sun, 06/06/2010 - 6:25pm
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Thanks for this great resource!

Been navigating a limited diet with my babe since month 9 (he's how 17 months). I am still breastfeeding, but he's an eager solids eater as well.

He's suffered from severe eczema since early on, but has not shown other allergy symptoms, like wheezing or swelling.

RAST test, plus a skin scratch test revealed a long list of allergies (nut , soy, wheat, dairy, egg, avocado, sesame).

Is there a spot on this forum where folks discuss how they make sense of the results of the blood tests? Is it common for there to be false positives? Our allergist said that our babe's numbers were so high that it was surprising that there haven't been any other symptoms from accidental exposure (esp, since I ate a lot of the listed allergens during pregnancy and up to month 9). Until our next blood test in 6 months we'll continue on a skimpy diet.

I am constantly grateful that we haven't had any trips to the ER or had to use our epipens. But am also having trouble understanding what the meaning of the tests when they don't jibe with our everyday experience.

Meanwhile, we are eating rice, fruit, veggies, and getting ready to grind flour for baked goods. I have a daily food journal + log of skin condition to look for correlations, but still no obvious trigger.

Wouldn't mind hanging up my chef's hat for part of each day...

Posted on: Tue, 06/22/2010 - 2:06am
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poor little baby! You are right, you are so lucky you haven't had any accidental exposures. We've only done the skin test, so I don't have any info about the blood tests. Try your local library, I've borrowed a lot of books about food allergies and I know they discussed the blood tests. Good luck to you - sounds like you are doing a great job keeping him/her safe!

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