Posted on: Tue, 10/20/2009 - 11:58pm
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Hi there!
I am a 30-something mom to 2-year old b/g twins. I myself have a pretty severe shellfish allergy. I know what it's like to deal with all of this and I'm particularly worried until DD can tell me she's having a reaction of some sort.

After our kids turned 1 year old we decided to see how they would do with peanuts. We had already given them slivers of almonds and walnuts with no problems. However when DH kissed DD she got a fine rash on her cheek that was unmistakable. We took pics and went to the allergist.
She tested -ve on the blood and skin tests and the doc told us to go home and live like we have a peanut allergy and we'll test her again at 3.

A few months later she had a reaction to watermelon while playing outside and she (like me) was diagnosed with food-allergy-syndrome where we have to watch the fresh fruit (esp melons and citrus) during the times of high seasonal allergies.

Anyway - we're sort of living under a rock -we don't eat out and I'm really particular about the packaged foods I buy, but we are venturing out to the rural mid-west to visit the grandparents this holiday so I'm trying to learn more about living in the outside world.

Posted on: Sat, 10/24/2009 - 6:45am
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BettyBoop-welcome to peanutallergy.com, glad you found us!
I know what dealing with food allergies are like as an adult and how hard it is to now have to deal with it with a child.
I can tell you it does and will get easier.
There are many companies now that make foods free of specific allergens that are also made in facilities free of those allergens.
My site, bestallergysites.com has several listings-just look under allergen free foods-packaged foods.
Perhaps you can bring some of your own food for the kids when visiting over the holidays?
Ask you allergist-but typically with oral allergy syndrome-those foods can be eaten cooked. So if apples are an issue-apple sauce usually isn't.
I too have it with melons and just avoid melons. But I don't have it with citrus.
Many food allergic families rarely eat out. When my son was that young, we would eat out but bring his own food. Now we know what basic things he can typically have like hot dogs, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, etc. Most of those items are safe at most restaurants.
Of course we always tell the waiter about our allergies and ask them to ck ingredients.
Hang in there, it will get easier!

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