reaction after school hours..what to do?

Posted on: Tue, 01/09/2007 - 11:00pm
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Hi All: Looking for some advice here. I am not really sure if/how I should address the school concerning my son's contact PA reaction yesterday. I had a meeting afterschool yesterday. I brought my sons (11 and 6) to the gathering area/lunchroom/commons. My meeting was in an office adjacent to this area, I was very close. My 11yo was to do homework and I brought my 6yo a book to color while I had my short meeting. The meeting took approximately 20 minutes.

During the meeting my 11yo came into the meeting and said lots of kids were eating around my 6yo (PA). I quickly ended the meeting and went to see what had happened. The afterschool program day-care kids had surrounded my DS and started eating their afterschool "snack"...which is not peanut-free. When I left my DS in the area there were no other kids there.

My DS started coughing, nose running. Gave Benadryl, prelone, inhaler. He was up the entire night coughing and is missing school today to recover. He is better this morning but still full of phlem and coughing.

Should I let the school know what happened? I know part of the situation is my fault, I should not have left him where I did. Next time he will be in the meeting with me. However, part of me is mad because he should be safe at school even when the school hours are over. KWIM??

Maybe I am just mad because I know I screwed up...but do you think the school has any accountability here?

Just looking for some advice. Thanks-

Posted on: Tue, 01/09/2007 - 11:24pm
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I'm so sorry to hear about your son's reaction! Hope he is feeling okay now.
I don't think I'd fault the school on this one, unless they have a school-wide ban or if the kids were eating at a peanut-free table. Your son wasn't under their care at the time. I wouldn't raise it with the school, unless it was in the context of establishing your son's allergy (or if you are planning to lobby for a school-wide peanut ban).
At the same time, I hope you don't beat yourself up about this either! The allergy is an ongoing learning experience for all of us. And kudos to your older son for looking out for his brother!

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2007 - 12:03am
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That's the direction I was heading towards. It just bothers me that my son can't be safe in the school ANYTIME. KWIM?? I think it has more to do about how I am feeling about this allergy than trying to "blame" anyone...except myself.
My 11yo is such a great kid...always looking out for his younger brother. I am very proud of him and I told him that. I guess it just shows you can never let your guard down...not even for a few minutes.
Thanks for the reply-

Posted on: Wed, 01/10/2007 - 12:19am
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I think I agree with Greenlady. I wouldn't blame the school, unless you pointed out to them *before* you meeting, that your son was coming and he has allergies so they need to take precautions for a few minutes(or was at a peanut free table). I have done it myself(heck, half of my sons reactions have been my fault), but it can happen anywhere. Try not to beat yourself up over it either. *in the real world* (don't you just love that phrase...NOT) you can not assume *any* place is safe, unless it's your own home. Just treat your son and remember for next time(son comes with you)!!! Maybe at your next meeting with the school inform the person that you need to bring your allergy kids with, and if they have an office they could sit in(then you have the oppertunity to say "because last time I thought they'd be safe and a bunch of after-school kids came in and son had a reaction"....then they would *know* but not be *blamed*). Good luck [img][/img]
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