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Posted on: Thu, 03/22/2007 - 10:01am
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What are reasonable accomadations for this age group as far as getting a 504 plan put into action? I had my 504 meeting today, was approved but when the accomodations part came up principal wanted to do all the recommendations. Ds is contact and smell sensitive. I only asked for a table free of peanutbutter instead of his now media area for lunch. And that handwipes be given to those who eat pn sandwiches. And for education to staff. Of course I didn't get all of that out before I was told I was being silly. No way could 6 teachers at lunch keep 12 seats free of peanut butter at one table. And no way was ther time for hand washing. So my meeting was put on hold. Ds just turned 13. This is his first year at public school. I know that this year will be over before we reach any kind of agreement. But what can I expect for High School next year? They kept telling me that on dr's form he would have to ingest pn before it got bad. Never mind about having to take benadyl for contact hives and Asthma symtoms from the cooking of pn products. Just looking for some advice and a place to vent. Thanks in advanced. Next meeting is 04-09 I guess I am suppose to change my terms and start seeing things their way between now and then? please feel free to look at my other posts under intoduction and some under schools to see why I feel I have to do this.

Posted on: Thu, 03/22/2007 - 1:24pm
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no advice but i have a feeling all the wonderful support from my school system will come pretty much to a screeching halt when we hit jr. high, much less high school. i get the feeling from the staff at jr. high and high school that the girls will be on their own then in regard to their PA and the lunchroom situation. fortunately, my girls have a pretty close circle of friends that are a "peanut free" group and i'm sure they'll choose to sit with people like that when they reach jr. high and high school. no advice at all...every situation is different but i think i will be able to trust my girls' instincts and methods of keeping safe when they reach that age. i'm pretty sure they don't even serve pb or peanuts in our high school and i doubt it will be in many lunchboxes by that age. jr high may be a different situation though. i don't know how we'll handle it. we have two more years before i have to worry about jr. high. good luck to you in whatever your pursue. i hope you find them cooperative at least to some degree.

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