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Posted on: Tue, 06/19/2007 - 5:25am
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I was wondering if anyone has a child with more than one food allergy but sits at a table that is only peanut-free in the school cafeteria. The school that my son will be attending in the fall for kindergarten has a peanut-free table, but my son was recently diagnosed with shellfish allergy as well. So I am trying to decide if I need to ask the school to make the peanut-free table shellfish-free too. I am a little concerned that adding more restrictions to the table will reduce the number of kids who will be able to sit at the table. The school doesn't assign kids to sit at the peanut-free table.
In terms of physical safety, I'm not sure how risky it is if my son were sitting next to someone eating shellfish. My husband has eaten shrimp before when we were in a restaurant together and we just made sure our son didn't touch any of daddy's food. I guess I am also hoping that kindergartners aren't going to be eating shellfish for lunch that often!
Thanks for any thoughts or ideas anyone might share.


Posted on: Tue, 06/19/2007 - 7:36am
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My eldest is shellfish allergic and starting the 5th grade in the fall, and really his shellfish allergy has never been much of an issue in the cafeteria. I'd venture to guess that shellfish is probably not a popular lunch item at our mostly white, suburban elementary school.
It's generally more of an issue for us at family gatherings, as my mother's family and my husband's family are Japanese.
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My DD just finished kindergarten at a peanut free table. She is also allergic to tree nuts and shellfish.
Anyway, this was never an issue. The only people who could sit at this table were buyers, as packers were not allowed. The school did not serve actual peanut butter, but I am sure there were may contains. They did have fish, but that was never an issue.
Just what happened at our school. Good Luck!

Posted on: Tue, 06/19/2007 - 8:47am
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My 6yr old is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and eggs and he sits at the pf table at school. This year his teacher would remind the 2 friends that were sitting with him(he was the only allergy kid in Kindergarten) but when the school would serve an egg sandwich once a month, his friends weren't allowed to order it if they wanted to sit with him. We did address this further in the 504 meeting, I brought up the point that next year there may be another pa child that brings an egg salad sandwich to lunch(at the same table) so if that happens, they said my son and his friend could move to the other table(there are 2) and that one of the para's would come check on things to make sure each table is okay. So I know shellfish would be pretty rare to show up in a lunchbox, but still mention a back-up plan that your son will know and the school as well. When my milk allergic son starts school, I don't know what we'll do with him, he'll still sit at the pf table(I call it the allergy table) but I may have to push a desk up to it, so if there is a spill, he's not covered in milk....good luck!!!
edit, since I am not familiar with shell fish, this wouldn't include fish sticks and such would it?? Or tuna sandwiches....if so then there would be some concern of what the other pa-kids would be eating at the pf table.
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Posted on: Wed, 06/20/2007 - 1:49pm
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My daughter is entering 1st grade and has multiple food alleries (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, melons and we avoid shellfish--+to lobster only on skin, but she's never had exposure). I hadn't really thought of others bringing shellfish to lunch. I think it would be rare (???)--I guess I'll find out. The way the school is handling her egg allergy is to make sure she is not sitting next to anyone eating blatant egg products (egg salad sandwiches, pancakes, etc.). They have an aid assigned to her for lunch.
I was concerned DD would end up sitting alone if we included all of her allergens at the table.

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