Calling All Canadians

Posted on: Sat, 04/20/2002 - 7:46am
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pI live in the U.S. but I just returned from a trip to Canada. I love Canada! /p
pAnyway, because of all the great information on this site, I knew to look for the Nestle candy bars and my PA son was ecstatic! At the first visitor's center we stopped and got KitKats from the vending machines and my son was so happy! After our visit, we returned to the U.S. with about $40 worth of KitKats, Smarties, Aero, etc. The cashier at Zellers raised her eyebrows and said, "Having a chocolate party?" We told her about the peanut-safe chocolate available in Canada, and she knew all about peanut allergy and how dangerous it is./p
pWe'll be going again this summer. What other foods should I look for? I remember reading here about Christie's brands and we did buy a box of cookies, but if I find out more about which brands to look for, I can stock up on cookies and crackers. Peak Freans? What are the safe brands? Are they nut-free plants? I would love to bring home a car full of Chapman's ice cream, but it's a 10-hour car ride, so I can't. But I'd love to know which brands to look for. Thanks!/p

Posted on: Sat, 04/20/2002 - 1:50pm
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<p>Sandra Y., well.....</p>
<p>Stock up on the "safe" Nestle candies. Christie's Triscuits and regular Ritz crackers are "safe". Their saltine crackers are also "safe". Someone else would have to comment on Peek Frean (also owned by Nabisco) as I'm not sure if they are still "safe".</p>
<p>What else, what else? Well, I would buy all of the "safe" Trebor-Allan candy I could - gummi bears, sour cherry blasters, fuzzy peach, etc.</p>
<p>And, if you'd actually like some Pillsbury products, well you could buy Pillsbury products, as long as you check the label to make sure that they're not imported from the U.S.</p>
<p>Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies, the regular ones.</p>
<p>Oh, Sandra Y., this is a good thread. I hope you get a lot of help because there are many "safe" products here that you don't seem to have in the U.S.</p>
<p>Best wishes! [img][/img]</p>

Posted on: Sun, 04/21/2002 - 1:20am
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<p>We just bought Peek Freans chocolate-covered shortbread last week and Andy ate it without incident. (I didn't know there was a concern regarding PF!!! Ack!)</p>
<p>Fudge-EE-Ohs (or however you spell them!) are okay, too.</p>
<p>Cindy ... isn't there still an issue with certain size boxes/bags of Chips Ahoy being produced in a different plant? (The larger bags are NOT safe versus the smaller bags, which are??) Maybe this was a temporary issue ... I'm not sure. I've been avoiding them ALL since then regardless...</p>
<p>Sandra Y ... interesting that you post this right now, as we have been considering a move to the U.S., but one of the things that is on our "con" list is the fact that I don't feel I can trust labelling in the States the way I can in Canada. I love Canada, too! [img][/img]</p>

Posted on: Mon, 11/19/2007 - 12:21am
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We now buy Presidents Choice Dipped And Chewy chocolate chip granola bars, they are really good and less expensive than the Quaker.Not all Quaker granola bars are peanut free so read labels.
Enjoy Chapman's ice cream products while you are here, all Dare products are PA free cookies and wagon wheelsas well as crackers, Smarties and kitkat, sorry its all junkie food. Enjoy your trip.

Posted on: Mon, 11/19/2007 - 6:32am
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Loblaw's has the president's choice line, which is their house brand. They've also now got peanut-free cereal bars. Here's the website about the bars: [url=""][/url]

Posted on: Sat, 11/24/2007 - 2:23am
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Thanks for the replies. We came back from Canada loaded down with Dare cookies, Quaker granola bars, Smarties, Kit Kats, Aero bars and Coffee Crisps and Strawberry Milkshake Oreo cookies that we never saw at home. It is a good thing that we live fairly close to the border although when they start requiring passport it will be an expense to get us all (6) passports.
My question is "Why do I have to go to another country to find safe snacks for my child?" Why are they not available here? In Canada everything was so clearly marked and labels easy to read. I am jealous :-)

Posted on: Sat, 11/24/2007 - 8:26am
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That is great , I sm glad to hear we are doing well with our labels, I don't find it hard to find safe snacks.
I am glad you were able to find safe snacks.

Posted on: Sat, 11/24/2007 - 9:14am
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I could have bought more if DS was not allergic to dairy. I did buy stuff with dairy but PA safe for other DSs. The Dare line had tons of stuff. We may be going back to Canada more often. It's not like it is that far. We are about 35 minutes from the border.

Posted on: Sun, 11/25/2007 - 5:54am
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Next time buy Mars bars, they have the peanut free symbol right on them. They are the best!

Posted on: Sun, 11/25/2007 - 11:25pm
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Letting the manufacturers know that we want products available in the US is one way to make it happen.
For Oreos
Contact a representative from Nabiscoworld, by phone at 1-800-323-0768 M-F between 9am-9pm EST.
Or write to:
Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Consumer Relations Group
1 Kraft Court
Glenview, IL 60025


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