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Posted on: Thu, 10/14/2010 - 8:38am
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There HAS been breakthrough treatment and cause for the rise in the peanut allergy. Scientists call it The Hygene Effect. Some time ago, an official of some kind (I don't have very specific details about that) was curious to know why the south wasn't picking up the pace, doing it's part. They had come across as lazy. So, this man went down south to understand why the south was slowing. He spoke with some locals. The were all lethargic and considerably pale, and soon he came to a conclusion; They were anemic. Tests were conducted and many were diagnosed with an intestianal parasite called Hookworm. The next step was to see what could be done to prevent this in the future. So, they treated southerners for Hookworm, which was an incredibly easy task, and discovered that Hookworm entered through the foot, but exited through fecal matter...So they asked. It went something like this, "When you go, where do you do it?" And the answer was usually something like, "Right over there by that tree." "When you go, do you wear any shoes?" And the answer was usually no. So there you have it, it was an endless cycle of Hookworm. Further tests concluded that Hookworm could travel up to a foot a day but only for three days. Toilets were installed, handsoap became extremely popular, and hookworm almost completely disappeared from the US, only left remaining in the third-world countries where everyone was too poor for either shoes or toilets. And then came about the peanut allergy, asthma, MS and various other diseases and allergies that had scarcely existed before, which were then labelled "modern diseases" like so many of us are guessing, bringing up words like "evolution" and "inevitable". So when Jasper Lawrence heard that hookworm could cure allergies, he was positive that someone must be selling them, it cured life-threatening diseases, who woudn't sell it? So he looked and looked but found nothing. Can you guess why? It's not FDA approved. But it is proven, and it safe; the only recorded side-effects mild and temporary, including stomach pains, and possible anemia which is the main scare from hookworm. But what is hookworm? It's just that, a tiny worm that lives in your intestine and basically feeds off of you. And this might sound disgusting and scary, but here's what I really wanted to tell you: hookworm essentially flicks off that little switch that makes your immune system attack your body. It's called immunotherapy. We've done it hundreds of years unknowingly, co-evolving with these worms. So essentially, we've become too clean, too used to the idea that nothing should 'infect' us that we've ridded ourselves of things that could potentially save our lives. Go to the site and read all the information and decide for yourself, I heard it on RadioLab, which is also amazing =) haha. Well here's the link: http://autoimmunetherapies.com/ You'll find all you need to know about it. Hope this help some of my fellow allergy sufferers!!!

Posted on: Thu, 10/14/2010 - 8:40am
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Haha I just said something about the worms we need. Anyway are you allergic, also?


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