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Posted on: Fri, 12/08/2006 - 10:21pm
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I somehow missd this thread until now. I am absolutely appalled! I agree with all the advice others have given, and have only one more thing to add. As hard as it may be to keep calm when to speaking to the principal and superintendent about this, it is imperative that you do so. Keeping calm will go a long toward showing that this is serious, and you are not just a "hysterical mother." Please let us know how this turns out.

Posted on: Sat, 12/09/2006 - 3:13am
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I would take this directly to the superintendent of schools and raise a big ugly stink about it. You may want to call the FAAN to see what my rights are, just to be clear. And I agree that if you don't have a 504 for your child yet, you need to get this process underway so that this doesn't happen to your child again.
The teacher stupidly forgetting about your child's allergy is one thing. Punishing her academically is another.
That teacher is a moron and needs to be corrected -- upside her head, if possibe ;-)
Two daughters, ages 10 and 13 who are allergic to peanuts, soy, all legumes, most tree nuts, and a few antibiotics.

Posted on: Sat, 12/09/2006 - 5:50am
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Ok, I agree with the thoughts that the teacher doing the cookies and lowering your dd's grade was stupid, unfair and needs to be taken up with the school.
My only other thought is that somehow that teacher may have seen the chance to fix the principal's tie as a priviledge. While that sounds weird, at my dd's school for charector education kids come in and help teachers with files, art work, and yes, even sewing sometimes to get ready for special events for a classroom or the school. One day dd came home and said she had spent a little time that day cleaning markes off of the hallways walls to prep for Grandparents Day. Maybe(and just maybe since as I said above the rest of her decisions were dumb)this teacher thought it would be cool for your dd to help out the principal with a special task vs. just doing homework. Obviously even in that cause she should have asked if your dd was willing to sew the tie etc...but I can see how somehow she thought that request was OK?
Just trying to make the "tie thing" a potnetial misunderstanding. But as I said in the beginning, the teacher's choice to make the cookies was poor and lowering dd's grade should not happen.

Posted on: Sat, 12/09/2006 - 11:37pm
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Just curious if there are any updates? the first time I read your post, I somehow missed the part about sewing the tie....totally out of line!!!!!

Posted on: Mon, 12/04/2006 - 11:58pm
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What a WITCH! First off, I am in NY and my son has a 504, so yes you are eligible. I would start that process immediately.
Your dd was not only excluded, then lost credit on the test, but had to sew the principals tie???? Oh, I would be livid.
And guess what, the info they give her in Sept. is important and she better find the damn time to read it!
Ok, I am really mad now. I would be clear to the super how upset you are and insist it will not happen again.

Posted on: Mon, 12/04/2006 - 11:58pm
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I don't know about a 504, but that teacher was wrong!!!! She gets the information about the children and is EXPECTED to read it all. That is just **** ! Excuse my language but it is. If she had taken the time and read then yes she could have figured something out. I feel so bad for your child to be singled out and have to go in another room. Your daughter going to another room wasn't a choice-it was necessary. Your child should feel safe at school and they are not accommodating this. Hopefully, a 504 can be put in place. I would definetly not let this one go by because sounds like the teacher doesn't care. Oh that makes me mad! Keep us posted!

Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2006 - 12:06am
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I agree with Josh'smom. You certainly can't let this teacher get away with what she is doing. maybe she needs to be better educated on how serious PA is. I just saw another thread about the poor 17 year old girl who died this weekend. Maybe printing out this article would help her realize how dangerous pb is for some people. I would be livid too!

Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2006 - 1:12am
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It is bad enough that she didn't read the information and is not knowledgeable about your child's allergies. BUT the true sign of a poor educator is one who will stand by and allow a student to be excluded from an activity because of a situation like this.
I'd have that teacher's head on a PLATTER.
Please go get a 504 you are eligible. You need one to keep your child safe, to keep her from being cast out in this way.
Let us know how this works out.....

Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2006 - 1:26am
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yes you can get a 504, im in ny too and im starting the process for my son who will be starting pre school in the fall through our school district.
im glad you are calling for a meeting with the super and the princapel.. that lady was wrong, and uncareing and put your daughters life in danger.
if peanuts are life threating, in your case it sounds like they are ,then i she was indangering the health and safty of a child in her care and she can get into alot of trouble. especally since she told you she didnt even read the paper work on your child!!!
i hope she dosnt have tenyear, because she should be fired!

Posted on: Tue, 12/05/2006 - 1:40am
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That is some of the best advice someone else here gave me when I was starting the 504 process. I'd start drafting a letter outlining the events that occurred for you to hand over in person to the super when you meet with them. That way there is something on file. Also, after your meeting with the super, make sure to write a follow-up letter.
Definitely read the thread that was raised in the "Schools" forum --- 'Why Not Obtaining a 504 is a Disservice to Your Child'.


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