FYI-Food Allergy article in Woman\'s Day April 14, 2004 edition

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 6:08am
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p. 42

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 6:11am
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Quote:Originally posted by new2PA:
[b]p. 42[/b]
For those of us that do not get Woman's Day...anything interesting in this article? New findings? Studies?

Posted on: Wed, 03/17/2004 - 7:10am
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No, not really. It's more of a "cold vs allergy" issue. It started off talking about peanut allergy, but then kinda migrated more toward the correlation between asthma and allergies. There is a sentence here and there about food allergies. It says the allergies and/or asthma are on the rise, and possibly a main contributor is cleaner houses..."our immune systems may not get a workout fighting dirt and bacteria anymore because our homes and food are so clean", that basically we're not challenging our immune systems the way we used to, and we're not exposed to different things as much anymore".
I thought it was more geared towrd food allergies, espeically PA, when I started reading it. It's a decent article, but probably not anything that's not been talked about on here before.

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