Ice Cream (Nestle, Land O Lakes, Pet, Good Humor)

Posted on: Sat, 05/15/2004 - 9:18am
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Our family only buys Breyers All Natural Ice cream (vanilla, neopol., peach, strawberry). I would like to expand our ice cream/popiscle choices. I know that I need to personally contact ice cream manufacturers to verify any info. I read here but I would greatly appreciate any responses on the ice creams that your peanut/tree-nut families have safely enjoyed...and info. on the companies/products that you don't trust.

I am particularly interested in the Nestle line (i.e., sherbet push-ups) and Land 'O Lakes, Pet (Dreamiscles, Brown Mules, Ice Cream Sandwiches, etc.). Thanks in advance for sharing info. on your family's ice cream treats.

Posted on: Sun, 05/16/2004 - 5:24pm
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we don't buy any ice cream at all-since my dd's first allergy almost 8 yrs ago we've made our own. I have looked at nestle frozen treats here and they all say may contain. I'm in the US btw. I didn't know Breyer's was considered safe.

Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2004 - 12:32am
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I am in the U.S. and my son is PA only (we stay away from tree nuts, but he is not allergic to them). We eat any Breyers flavors, as long as they are not labeled "may contain" OR have peanut or nut ingredients.
I also allow him any Good Humor (which I believe is owned by Breyers?) popsicles and ice cream treats. (Again, as long as they are not labeled "may contain" or have pnut ingredients.)
In addition, we ate Edy's vanilla ice cream for years with no problems.
Lastly, we use Hershey's toppings (as long as they are labeled according to my above comments) for some variety.
My son is 7 and we have been eating these products for over 4 years. However, my comfort zone is a little looser than this is just what has worked for us.

Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2004 - 12:51am
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When I contacted Hood(in MA) I was assured that the regular ice cream sandwiches and hoodsie cups were safe. I cannot recall if it were exactly a nut free facility, but it would have been nut free production lines, based on my comfort level at the time.
We now have loosened up to allow some Edy's flavors, and we do use some Breyers. I have also allowed the popsicle brand(is that the good humor) after calling and hearing about the cleaning processes. I figure, for the fruity ice pops flavor, they would have to be very thorough to clean out milk traces and nut traces, for flavor alone, but also for the cross contamination. But we do not use and ice cream on a stick kind of items, where a similar item might exist with nuts or such.
Edy's has a great website for putting in allergens and coming up with flavors to consider. I feel they are putting more comittment into their proceedures by having this in print on a website, as opposed to companies that issue a standard CYA warning. becca

Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2004 - 3:04am
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This company has a safe selection of frozen novelties - check out there website.
Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding our SUPERPRETZEL soft pretzels. We are glad you enjoy our products. Our SUPERPRETZEL Soft pretzels are free of dairy, tree-nuts, or peanuts.
All our frozen novelties are gluten free, tree-nut free and peanut free. Your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate departments and are greatly appreciated. Thanks again, and we hope you continue to enjoy our products.
Joanne Leso
Marketing Department
856-665-9534 ext.305
J&J Snack Foods

Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2004 - 3:05am
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We love Philly Swirl. They have ice cream sandwiches and ice popsicles. THey also have italian ice cups. We also use Breyers vanilla and strawberry ice cream. I do let him get good humor ice pops (spongebob, spiderman, and hulk) from the icecream man. They are all made of icicle/sherbert products. I still check each time though. Hope this helps!!

Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2004 - 9:14am
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ok this is really exciting. So breyer's is considered safe by most and edy's too? And popsicle brand? I don't mind making ice cream for special occasions but for every day I don't want to. Also does breyer's and/or edy's have fat free or lo fat versions? (I'm doing weight watchers)

Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2004 - 9:16am
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btw we still can't get philly swirl so that is not an option.

Posted on: Mon, 05/17/2004 - 11:40am
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I eat Vanilla and Fruit-Flavored Kemps Ice Creams, Sherberts and Sorbets without a problem.
I had Philly Swirl recently on vacation in Florida. Their ice cream sandwiches were unbelievable...I wish I could get them in MN.
Blue Bunny labels their ice cream now very thoroughly and would eat their ice cream if it were on sale.
Glad to hear about Edy's and Breyer's...that's great news.

Posted on: Tue, 05/18/2004 - 3:47am
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A comment for those surprised Breyer's is safe....It's been a couple of years since I called Breyer's but we have safely eaten the "all natural" versions I listed above for sometime. They told me that they run the nut-free versions in the a.m. then follow it with any nut-containing items later in the day. Equipment is cleaned in a solution (bleach?) overnight. Please call to confirm this is still their manufact. process.
I'm more leary of the Good Humor brand because they make the Drumsticks (ice cream cone with nuts).
There seems to be lots of ice cream flavors out there that appear to be nut-free based on the label (no obvious nut items) but it is so frustrating when having to worry/deal with cross contamination issues.
As it feels like summer in the south already, please keep your responses coming.

Posted on: Tue, 05/18/2004 - 3:56am
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[quote]Originally posted by stimpsjd:
I had Philly Swirl recently on vacation in Florida. Their ice cream sandwiches were unbelievable...I wish I could get them in MN.
Hi there,
The phillyswirl website [url=""][/url] says that their products are available at the walmart supercenter in MN.
We are in Nevada and they are only available at our walmart supercenter as well. Unfortunatley they only carry 2 of the products but it is better than nothing. :-)
Take care!


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