Picnics at the Park

Posted on: Wed, 05/19/2004 - 10:06am
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Since the weather has been warming up we have been spending more time at the park. My daughter was playing with a school friend and my son was playing with this friends little brother. This little boy has his hands all over my son's neck and arms. When my son, Thomas, ran up to me he had hives all over. I had my daughter run over and ask the nanny what the little boy had for lunch. Can you quess? PB&J, a staple of many a child picnic lunch. I had only time to react to my son as the family was leaving. My husband wanted me to call the mother and ask her to make sure the Nanny makes the children wash there hands after eathing PB. But, I wonder if that is my place. I really feel like posting signs around the park or sending a letter to the editor of the local paper. Any thoughts?


Posted on: Mon, 06/07/2004 - 12:22pm
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Thats a tough one. I hope your son is ok. As much as we would all love for people to take our childrens allergies as seriously as we do the unfortunate reality is that they do not. If you are good friends with the parents of your child's school friend it may be easier to approach the subject. Even if not it never hurts to ask and see if you can appeal to their "compassionate" side. As for me, I have picnics in my back yard. When we go to the park its not a really crowded one so there isnt much chance of my son being touched by someone who had a PB and J sandwich. I avoid these situations like the plague which may not be a really good answer but it makes me feel safer for now. Hope this helps a little bit. Be well

Posted on: Tue, 06/08/2004 - 4:52am
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I think posting around the park and the paper is expecting too much of people. While it might create some additional awareness, it may not be received well (no matter how polite the wording is) but some parents. And that could lead to a summer full of debating parents (similar to peanut ban debates in schools).
However, since your family knows this family, I don't think that it would be out of line to contact the mother/father directly and inform them of what happened this afternoon. Tell them that your son really enjoys playing with their son at the park and that you hope that perhaps you could extend this out to one-on-one playdates, but due to your son's PA that certain precautions are needed. Such as him being contact allergic requires those that eat PB to wash their hands and mouth afterwards.
Again, no one is at fault here and as long as your tone and words don't depict that, the parents may be more apt to respect your wishes and let the nanny know.

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